'The Killing' Might Not Be Dead

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Today in show business news: AMC might have un-canceled one of its drearier series, the new Star Wars movie is moving right along, and get ready for The Carrie Diaries.

Remember when the Rosie Larsen murder was finally solved and everyone was really quick to pack up and get the hell out of rainy Seattle? Well, we might be trudging back. AMC is said to be in final talks with Netflix to bring back its mystery series The Killing, which would air first on AMC and then go directly to Netflix or something. The show's studio, Fox TV, already had Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman contracted to a third season, so they're stuck, and Veena Sud gave a good pitch, so AMC relented. How about that. Miracles do happen! Rainy, dreary, disappointingly solved miracles. What will this season be about, a Tacoma city council campaign? Let's hope so. [Deadline]

Speaking of resurrecting things that don't need resurrection, the horrifically misguided new Star Wars film already has a treatment, and it was written by the guy who wrote Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3. So it will be a bittersweet family story about change and growth set in a galaxy far, far away. Terrific. Can't wait. Hopefully C-3PO is living with a nice droid who can be played by Steve Carell and there will be a Randy Newman sequence involving Jar Jar Binks' funeral. This thing is supposed to come out in like two and a half years, so they've really got to get cracking. Write the full script! Add some snappy pop culture references to it and be sure to write a role for John Ratzenberger, it's in his Disney contract! Full steam ahead straight into the sun! [The Hollywood Reporter]

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The good news just keeps on coming. The CW has set a date for its bizarre looking Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries. The Jane By Design clone will take soon-to-be-dead Gossip Girl's Monday 9pm slot, and will start airing regularly on January 14. So just when we need it, in the dead dark of darkest and deadest winter, will come a show about Carrie Bradshaw when she was a teenager in the '80s. That will warm us up. Screw the brandy or whatever that is, St. Bernards should have DVDs of this show strapped to their collars. [Deadline]

The final season of Showtime's The Big C will feature both Kathy Najimy and Isaac Mizrahi, because that show has basically never made sense. Najimy will play Laura Linney's new therapist on the show, while Isaac Mizrahi will be playing himself when Gabourey Sidibe's character goes so fashion school. So... cool. That sounds about right. Look, whatever they're supposed to be, we know they'll be doing one thing: Swearing a lot. And being mean to people for no reason. OK, so two things. The only two things anyone on this show ever does. Swearing and being mean to people. Oh and doing things that are in no way consistent to their characters. Three. That's it. There are three things people do on this show. And yet. And yet we haven't missed an episode. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Former Saturday Night Live cast mates Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are teaming up to do a feature film together, one that sounds a little out of each of their comfort zones. It's called The Skeleton Twins and is about "estranged twins Maggie and Milo, who coincidentally cheat death on the same day, prompting them to reunite and confront how their lives went so wrong. For Maggie, that means re-examining her marriage to sweet 'nature frat boy' Lance (Luke Wilson), while her gay brother Milo revisits his old flame Rich, a former teacher with a past he'd rather keep quiet. As the twins' reunion reinvigorates them both, they realize the key to fixing their lives may lie in fixing their relationship with each other." So it could be a little dramatic? Also, Bill Hader playing a gay! Hopefully it won't just be Stefon for two hours. The movie was co-written by a guy who helped write Black Swan, so it could actually be dark and intense? Whatever happens, we will most definitely see it because at the end of the day it's just really hard not be a slavish fans of certain SNL actors. [Variety]

They're letting McG direct another movie. Why is this happening? Who is approving this? Have these shadowy monsters seen This Means War? Or, like, most of the other movies this guy has made? Because good grief. They are not good. And yet. He gets another gig. I don't get it. And it's about the Los Angeles magicians club The Magic Castle. Splendid. That ought to be swell. [The Hollywood Reporter]

To cap off this truly downbeat Call Sheet, here is a new trailer for Les Miserables in which we hear more singing and, with the exception of that actual singer girl and Eddie Redmayne, it is not sounding good. The Russell Crowe bit, in particular, is... Well, give it a listen and decide for yourself. We're still more than excited to see this movie, but are now more strongly leaning toward this being in the entertaining disaster category rather than the surprisingly good category. Oh well. That's fine. Still think they might give Anne Hathaway a damn supporting actress Oscar for this thing. Still think that might be something that happens.

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