Keith Olbermann's New Job: Make Off-Season Baseball Exciting

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The search for bridges that Keith Olbermann has not yet burned has stopped at the MLB Network where he'll be a guest host ... while there is no baseball being played. Laugh all you want—we know it's not glamorous as his previous jobs, but we think it's actually all a pretty good fit. Here's why: 

He Is a Wonk:  The show he's guesting, is called Hot Stove, and it actually ends when baseball season begins. That means, Olbermann won't be commentating on live games or any actual action happening. That's not very exciting. But what it means is that Olbermann will have to do something he's actually pretty good at: punditry and speculation. Olbermann will get to tap into his full on wonk mode and tell you why, as he has already on his very nerdy blog, more than you ever wanted to know about the "what if's" facing the Marlins. And look at these notecards


Baseball Isn't Partisan: Fine, we get that there's a Yankee joke here, but baseball isn't politics. And the general sentiment on Twitter is that people like Olbermann without his politics. Here's a sampling of people who Olbermann a lot more when he isn't being a liberal blow-hard...


And even when he has chosen a side and giving us way more than we ever asked for on why Cabrera shouldn't be MVP, that sort of is the essence of off-season any sport, where you spend it arguing things that can only be resolved next season and beyond. 

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And He Knows Hot to Be Good at Sports Television: No one will let you forget that Keith Olbermann started with ESPN's Sportscenter. And you could argue he helped shape it at its prime with Dan Patrick. This could give him the same opportunity, albeit more focused on baseball. 

Worst Comes to Worst, It's Temporary: As we mentioned, Hot Stove is only on during off-season, meaning Olbermann has less time to wear out his welcome and burn bridges than he would on a show that went on year-round every night (which has been his M.O.). And who knows, maybe  it will all work out and they'll find a place for him once baseball starts again next spring.

Olbermann will be on the air next Tuesday and Wednesday. Anything beyond that is purely speculative at this point.

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