Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman Is Tearing the Nerd Kingdom Apart

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After we last saw him taking up the sidekick schtick of Robin at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is suddenly rumored to be taking up Christian Bale's cowl and appear in the Warner Bros.'s Justice League movie as the new Batman. This "decision," of course, has divided nerds the world over. The JGL-Batman rumor was "confirmed" by Hit Fix's Drew McWeeny late Monday night. "According to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman," reported McWeeny. 

Now, a lot of things can happen between now and the Justice League movie, and people could drop out and whatnot (like any other movie — remember when Ryan Gosling was going to be in The Lovely Bones?). But as we found out, you can be a JGL fan, a Batman fan, a Christopher Nolan fan who likes Batman but doesn't like JGL. And it isn't just as simple as, "OMG WORST DECISION EVERRRRR":

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fangirls (and boys): Well, we sort of know the answer.

Batman Fans Who Aren't JGL fans: Bruce Wayne forever, they say. 

But more specifically...

Batman Fans Who Are Bruce Wayne Fans: Now, this is where it gets sort of weird. If Warner Bros. chooses to go with JGL, then it means they go with Christopher Nolan's continuity where JGL isn't Bruce Wayne. And that would be a bummer for anyone who wants to see a Justice League with Bruce Wayne, as a couple of Redditors point out: 

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And another: 

And one more reaction to really drive home the idea of continuity:

Batman Comic Fans Who Are Realistic About the Film Industry and Want to See a Justice League movie: The sort of meta thing here aside from Christopher Nolan setting the tone for the franchise is the meta-conundrum that is Joss Whedon (comments via Hit Fix)

Christopher Nolan Fanboys Who think Nolan > DC Comics (and people who feel the opposite):

Chrisopher Nolan Fanboys Who Respect DC Comics But Not JGL:

Christopher Nolan Fans Who Are Ready for Something New:

And Someone Who Puts it Bluntly: 

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