The Guy Who Got Lindsay Lohan Arrested

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Since we last left Lindsay Lohan's Wednesday-night adventures, she has apparently been arrested on three more charges, and there's a jail video, and, if TMZ is to be believed, this whole drunken-nightclub-fight thing was all over one man — specifically, Max George of the British boy band The Wanted. Now this may actually explain part of Lindsay's bizarre evening, which started at a Justin Bieber concert and ended with her punching a girl in the face. According to TMZ, Lohan has been "scoping Max out for the last few days," and the band was opening for the Biebs. George and two other members of the band went to the club, Avenue, with Lohan. As the partying wore on, Lohan apparently got drunk and drunker, something which George found distasteful. George then began to talk to another girl, and that girl apparently got punched. Yes, it's all fairly very tawdry and ridiculous, but if George really was at the center of it all, we wonder: Who is this man, and why is the whirling dervish that has become Lindsay Lohan so very fascinated by him? We dove into the British tabloids to answer our question. 

Where did he come from? England 

How old is he? He's in a boy band. Is he jailbait? No, he's 24.

What do I know him from? Probably this song...

Does he get into fights with other celebrities often? Well, yes, he seems to get riled up by members of competitor British boy band, One Direction. If you really want to get into the down and dirty of it, he's recently exchanged words with 1D's Zayn Malik via Twitter. Admittedly though, we understand his anger: Malik did call him "chlamydia boy." 

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Has he been in a long-term relationship? It feels like Lindsay could use some stability in her life. Why, yes, he has. In June 2011 he got engaged to British soap opera star Michelle Keegan, who he'd been dating since 2010, but in the past year they've since broken off the engagement and broken up.  

But he's still a bit of a lothario, right? Yeah. If the tabs are to be trusted he had phone sex with an ex-girlfriend while he and Keegan were still together, and before news broke that he and Keegan were officially over The Sun printed a picture of George kissing a blonde girl in a nightclub. A spokesman for George said the girl was just an over-eager fan. 

But he has been known to kiss fans on the lips, right? Yes. See: here and here.

Has he admitted that he was at the center of this new Lindsay Lohan story? Kinda. 

So are he and Lindsay right for each other? We think after Wednesday night, this is probably a moot question.  

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