Guess What: More 'Twilight' (Maybe)

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Today in showbiz news: Good god there might be more Twilight books, Long Island Medium will continue its huckster ways, and Skyfall is already a big hit. 

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the wildly popular Twilight series of sexual morality plays, recently hinted to reporters that she might someday write a few more books set in the same universe and involving some of the same characters. Specifically Jacob the noble werewolf savage and the baby, an actual baby, that he romantically "imprinted" on and who is the half-vampire daughter of the girl he used to love. Yeah, Meyer might someday tell us, in book form, what happens to them. So, that's potentially good news for Taylor Lautner and mostly miserable news for everyone else. I mean really what more can Meyer teach us about a woman's responsibility to control her boyfriend's sexual urges? She's already taught us plenty! We don't need any more. We really, really don't. Please, Stephenie. Think of us. Think of all of us. [Entertainment Weekly]

TLC, The Lunatics Channel, has decided to renew its fake psychic (that's redundant, but whatever) show Long Island Medium, starring a lady who's either crazy or a conman or both, for a fourth season. So that's a whole 'nother season of guessing and generalizing and making strangers cry. It's just what America, especially the Tri-State area, needs right now. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Recommended Reading

USA has decided not to renew its series Political Animals for a second season. Which was kind of its plan all along. See the show was always billed as a miniseries, though there was always the quiet possibility that it would turn into a full-blown regular show. But the ratings didn't really justify the cost, so we'll have to depend on online fan fiction to get more of Sebastian Stan's brooding, gay son of a president. Which is actually fine by us. If you want to read ours, we're StanStan on [Deadline]

Kim Basinger really is back! The actress has landed another plum role, this time opposite Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone. The movie is called Grudge Match and it's a comedy about old people boxing, because old people doing things old people shouldn't be doing is the new movie trend. So, OK, it maybe doesn't sound like the greatest movie, but still. She's working with Robert De Niro and that's got to count for something. We support this comeback, if only because it maybe means Rene Russo can someday have one too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, is doing quite well in the UK so far. After only a week of release it's already the year's third-highest grossing film over there, with a snappy $60 million and counting. The movie is on its way to netting a $100 million worldwide very soon, and it hasn't even opened in the States yet. So this thing is going to be a hit, is the gist. Which is great news for the Bond franchise and even better news for Daniel Craig, who's been in a series of flops and disappointments over the years, making people wonder how viable of a movie star he really is. Which is too bad because he's a great actor. He just can't seem to open a non-Bond film. But that will be forgotten for a little bit now that Skyfall is a hit. Capitalize on that, Mr. Craig! Drink your martinis while they're on the table. [Deadline]

Little Irish phenom Saoirse Ronan has been cast as the lead in Wes Anderson's The Hotel Budapest, a period piece set in, well, Budapest. We don't know much more about the plot, but that's OK. Good for Saoirse, right? She's one of the good ones. There are very few young actors who are among the good ones, but she is one of them. [Indiewire, via Vulture]

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