A Few Moustache Recommendations for Joe Scarborough

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After losing his bet to David Axelrod, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is going to have to start growing a moustache. We've compiled some helpful suggestions to help Scarborough style his Movember contribution as it grows in. 

The terms of the Scarborough's bet with the impeccably moustachioed David Axelrod were: if Obama lost Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania then David Axelrod would shave his moustache "of forty years" live on Morning Joe. But if Obama won Virginia or Florida then Scarborough would grow a moustache. Well, the President won Virginia (and it looks likely he'll win Florida, too)

Our Atlantic colleague Chris Heller (10:28 p.m. update) thought this might be a good style for Scarborough to adopt. It's a pretty standard old-timey handlebar moustache. GQ would call this "The Magnum."




We call this the "Dick Dasterdly." Scarborough looks like he's about to put a handkerchief over his face and knock over a train, don't you think? 





This one is the closest we have to one inspired by everyone's favorite Italian plumber, Mario Mario. It's actually not a bad look for Scarborough. Especially if he decides to keep it for a few years, he should go for a bushy moustache. 

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This one can only be described as a crop duster.





The Chaplin is never a good look anymore, and no, it will never come back. Not even you can do it, Joe.





Joe Scarborough, Kung Fu master has a good ring to it. This might work. 





This one is our absolute favorite though, and the way we think Joe should go. Embrace your destiny as the next Anthony Hopkins, or the next Antonio Banderas. You are the next Zorro, Joe Scarborough. 




Hey, Joe, if you're feeling down just remember: this is a lot better than losing $1,000

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