Everyone Kind of Loves the New York Times' 'Bruce Springstein'

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Journalists hate corrections: They're embarrassing, they feed trolls, and they tend to make people think a writer is sloppy or bad at his job ... unless that writer is The New York Times's Michael Winerip, whose byline appears on an article in the paper that turned The Boss into Bruce Springstein. Here's the correction, which appeared at the bottom of Winerip's blog post reviewing Times critic Dwight Garner's review of a Springsteen biography:

While Winerip (we've contacted him regarding the error) is probably cringing, the Internet reaction over this mistake has been warm. You'll notice it caught the eye of The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg's—as well as the eyes of the 93 people who retweeted him: 

And the people are clamoring for memes: 

Another more explicit request: 

So who's going to step up and give us a solid (and not offensive) Bruce Springstein meme? After all, the #BruceSpringsteinSongs hashtag can only sustain us for so long.

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