Drunk Nate Silver Is Actually Regular and Boring

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Nate Silver is a really boring drunk and might be a witch but only on his off days when he's not feeling quite like himself. At least that's what he said in a new interview where he debunked some of the fun memes that popped up after the election. 

Drunk Nate Silver was the best of the post-election Silver memes. Silver had just correctly predicted the outcome of every state in the Presidential election, so what else would he be doing except getting completely and utterly wasted and bragging about his ability to see the future? The joke depends on what you think a math geek would be like as a drunk. Most people made jokes about him using Pi. Some joked that he became evil and grew a goatee, like Dark Abed on Community. Our personal favorites were the ones that made him out to be some cross between Bill Murray and a cooler for a Vegas casino

Unfortunately, Silver revealed to Chicago magazine's Phillip Butta that Drunk Nate Silver is nowhere near as fun as we all imagined:

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Twitter trend #DrunkNateSilver. What does drunk Nate Silver actually do?
I do what everyone else does, which is argue about stupid things with my friends. I don’t become dark and ironically evil.

One of the other great Silver-inspired jokes was the single serving site that dared to ask the question everyone was thinking: Is Nate Silver a Witch? His scary accurate predictions could not be the work of a normal man born of normal human parents. The only logical conclusion, then, is that Nate Silver can probably do magic. Butta brought this one up, too. Silver denied it, which is totally what a real witch would do, and then commented on the speed with which these witch-y jokes can take off in the Internet age. 

You’ve been characterized as a wizard or a witch—what’s your reaction to that?
I’m trying to maintain some form of detachment from it, almost like it’s happening to another person or another character. But it’s weird, and goes to show you what can happen in the Internet age, where things can take off really, really fast.

For the record, that site has been stuck on Silver "is probably a witch" for days now.

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