Quiz: Drag Queen or Bond Girl?

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There's a new Bond movie hitting theaters today, and as is the tradition, we get to say hello to at least one woman who sports a totally ridiculous double entendre for a name. In Skyfall, we're going to be introduced to Severine and Eve Moneypenny. And those are O.K. But neither one is a Dr. Molly Warmflash. Right? 

For fun and kicks and in honor of the Bond women of yesteryear, we've created a quiz putting their names up against the only women with comparably amazing monikers: drag queens. 

So here's the quiz: Bond Girl name or drag queen name? No Cheating.  

Update: A nifty online quiz we were using earlier is on the fritz, and we're getting that fixed—we've written out the quiz (like the olden times) in the meantime:

Drag Queen or Bond Girl:

1. Latrice Royale

2. Pussy Galore

3. Honey Ryder

4. Pandora Boxx

5. Plenty O'Toole

6. Penelope Smallbone

7. Manila Luzon

8. Fatima Blush

9. Holly Goodhead

10. Bianca Del Rio


Answers  1. Drag Queen, 2. Bond Girl,  3. Bond Girl, 4. Drag Queen, 5. Bond Girl, 6. Bond Girl, 7. Drag Queen, 8. Bond Girl, 9. Bond Girl, 10.Drag Queen


So we found out that our quiz got locked because it got too popular and we hit our limit.  This is how people were doing before it got locked (Penelope Smallbone tripped a lot of people up). 


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