'Downton' Forever

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Tea and crumpets, it's a time to celebrate! Your favorite English period drama, Downton Abbey, has been renewed for a fourth season by ITV, the British channel that produces it.

You haven't even seen the third season (or, "series" as they say in merry ol' England) of the show yet because stodgy PBS refuses to air it in the U.S. until January. Unless you have already seen it because you couldn't wait any longer and opted for a less than legal viewing experience. Or you happen to be the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, who abused her institutional power and got the DVDs in advance.

Anyway, what this means is that as soon as you're finally done watching the new episodes on PBS, your friends in Britain still won't listen to you blab on about whatever William did that was so shocking in the finale. They'll be three episodes into the even newer season and Stella (or whatever her name is) climbed into bed with... sorry, we shouldn't spoil it. 

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