Detroit Won't Have a Happy Thanksgiving (Again)

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Every year the Detroit Lions play the first game of Thanksgiving Day while the rest of America sits at home and eats their delicious turkey dinners and every year for the last nine the city has been left  heartbroken by the cold reality of defeat.

The last time the Lions won on Thanksgiving was in 2003 against the Green Bay Packers. They've been trounced by double digits every year since. But this year will be different!, Lions fans said before today's game. They have a good team, finally. They were supposed to win last year, but one of their star defensive players stomped on someone and was ejected. Things went downhill from there. 

So, what happened today? They got jobbed by the refs, for one. The Lions led the entire game, but the Houston Texans were awarded a touchdown on a play that shouldn't have been a touchdown. Normally, the Lions would fall apart after that. And they almost did, too, but they were able to hold it together and go to overtime. There was multiple turnovers in overtime. It's rare if there's more than one. There was two missed field goals. It's rare if there's more than one field goal, let alone two missed ones. The Lions came so close, so many times, the nation felt like this: 

Eventually, finally, the Texans kicked a field goal and won the game. Detroit was sad. Thanksgiving was ruined, again. The city that can't catch a break... still can't catch a break. 

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