Decide Which New York Tabloid Did Petraeus Better

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Occasionally, the headline writers for the New York Post and the New York Daily News are presented a story that will challenge their pun-making skills and gives them an opportunity to try and out do each other. The Petraeus affair has them both in rare form. 

You may remember the Post or the Daily News from other sex scandals like the secret service sex scandal, of the DSK sex scandal. It's kind of what they trade in. So when news broke yesterday that CIA director David Petraeus resigned because of an affair... Well, we can only imagine what the newsrooms at New York's most prominent tabloids were like. (Something like a cross between the Mad Magazine office and the toga party from Animal House.)

The Daily News was able to figure out what CIA really stands for

Every once in a while the editors at the Post produce a cover we'd pay a buck for. Today is one of those days:

That's some good headline writing, Post editors. Sometimes you're alright. This is a clear win for them. 

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