Chris Brown's Terrible Terrorist Costume

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Today in celebrity gossip: Annoying singer Chris Brown did another annoying thing, there's a huge gallery of famous people in Halloween costumes, and find out how the stars are weathering the post-Sandy world. 

Last night was a night of mischief, of fun, of spooks and specters, of ghouls and giggles, and of Chris Brown and his friends dressing up as Middle Eastern guys with guns. Yeah they had fake beards and turbans and assault rifles and bullet sashes or whatever those things are called draped across their chests. The whole nine yards. Super cool, Chris. Man does this kid make it just about impossible to like him. He's always doing something awful that has violent undertones, isn't he? (Or, y'know, big loud overtones.) Stop it, Chris Brown. Or better yet, somebody else stop Chris Brown. Someone take him to a little house way out in the country and give him some food and water and just leave him there. Lock him inside if you have to. Because he's simply too aggravating  to be out here with the rest of us. I'm not even sure who a terrorist costume is offensive to exactly, but it is undeniably bad. And yes, yes maybe I'm being stereotypical in saying that they're terrorist costumes when they might simply be, I don't know, Middle Eastern people with guns costumes, but really that difference seems almost semantic at this point. Chris Brown is the worst, and that's the only fact we need to know about this. [E!]

Speaking of celebrity Halloween costumes, here is a huge gallery of celebrities in their costumes that is way more fascinating than it has any right to be. Of many highlights, surely the greatest is "Callista Flockhart and Harrison Ford dressed as nerds." It doesn't get weirder or better than that in my opinion. But I do urge you to explore for yourself and make your own judgments. You really won't regret it. Colton Haynes in skin-darkening makeup (again!) as Gandhi. Lance Bass in a weird and intense clown costume. Tons of sad Batmans. It's really something. Go, look! [Too Fab]

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While some people enjoyed Halloween, others were enduring Hurricane Sandy blackouts. While many of us are still stuck in the dark, fancy celebrities who live in affected areas of lower Manhattan have fled uptown for power and comfort. It seems a lot of them are at the Mark hotel on the Upper East Side, according to a source close to Page Six, meaning some front desk agent at the Mark hotel is about to be fired. Celebrities shacking up at the hotel, which starts at about $600/night, include Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber (and their kids), Helena Christensen, Russell Crowe, Anna Wintour, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Kelly Ripa, and Marc Jacobs. That's a pretty star-packed hotel! Do you think they have hallway pajama parties at night and talk about how rich they are? Do you think they prank each other by ordering room service to each other's rooms and then giggling behind their doors when they hear the confusion down the hall? "I didn't order this," says Russell Crowe, hurling a telephone at the boor bellhop holding the tray, while Anna Wintour, two doors down, giggles in her room with her ear pressed to the door. Sounds like fun. [Page Six]

Back to Halloween. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were seen holding hands and wearing creepy masks (or, excuse me, "freaky" masks, according to Us Weekly) at a Halloween party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The couple showed up with Pattinson's friend Katy Perry (Rob, why?) who was dressed as Jane from Daria, which sucks because that's actually a really good costume and Katy Perry should not be wearing really good costumes, she should be wearing a costume that reflects her artistic persona, meaning something contrived and shallow. Jane from Daria is not that! Ah well. The important thing is that Rob and Kristen are holding hands again, even if in the picture it looks like he's angrily dragging her along rather than lovingly joined to her, their hands representations of their souls. They'll get there eventually. Give them time. Give them time, dammit! Meanwhile Katy Perry can go suck a lemon. That's what she can do. [Us Weekly]

Actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell quietly married in a small ceremony in California on Tuesday. Which, well, good for them for doing things quietly and all that, but really would there have been that much hubbub surrounding their wedding? They're popular, but c'mon. They're not Justin and Jessica. Ah well, good for them, I suppose. It's a bit sad that Evan will be single again once Jamie and I finally meet and run away to Bora Bora together, but I hope she enjoys her time with him now. That's all she can really ask for, I suppose. [People]

Evangelical virgin Tim Tebow is reportedly dating Catholic actress Camilla Belle. The two met at the Met Ball last spring and were recently spotted together at a place called Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida. Belle previously dated another famous virgin (or he was at the time, anyway), Joe Jonas. So this new coupling ought to work well. They can drink soda and laugh and sometimes hug and watch movies and go for walks and, good god, dry hump like no two human beings have every dry humped before. The will start a forest fire with all the friction. Watch out, Florida. The Tebelle blaze is coming. Even if they're not. [Page Six]

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