Chevy Chase Finally Quits 'Community'

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Well, that was a long time coming. It's been announced that the perpetually bellicose and dissatisfied Chevy Chase has officially quit the show Community, effective immediately. He'd long had problems with the show, secretly recorded while lashing out at show creator Dan Harmon and publicly deriding the writing, but he stayed on, he said, because he enjoyed the cast. Whatever, he stayed on because it was a steady paycheck and his first positive critical reception since, what, like his work on hit Swedish sitcom Hjalp!? Or maybe 2006's Goose on the Loose? (Also in the Goose on the Loose cast: James Purefoy and Joan Plowright.) The point is, he was his classic unpleasant self throughout but he stayed because Community was the best thing he'd had going in a while. But now he's out. Some of you may be scratching your heads and thinking, "But isn't that whole show out?" and you'd be sort of right. The long-delayed fourth season will beging its 13-episode run in February, and then the future is uncertain, though it looks pretty grim. Chase has already filmed most of the episodes, but will not appear in the couple that have left to shoot. So, that's that, I guess. If the show miraculously makes it to season five, people will probably miss old Pierce Hawthorne, but for a couple of episodes? Nah, doubtful. Good riddance, probably. [Deadline]

You know that old expression "It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it"? Well, one less person has to do it now. And that person is America's kindly baseball coach, Mike Rowe. Yes, the Discovery Channel has canceled his show Dirty Jobs and after eight seasons. Eight seasons?? That's more unpleasant jobs than an after-prom party. But, oh well, these things happen. Shows come to an end. It's just a shame that it's a show like this — which gave never condescending attention and respect to men and women who do hard, unglamorous, necessary work — and not, like, Shahs of Sunset. Actually maybe Mike Rowe's last dirty job could have been working as an executive at Bravo. To see how people who are really down in the muck operate. "You have to shake Vicki Gunvalson's hand???" he asks incredulously. Anyway, yeah, we'll miss ya, Mike. Hopefully we can still see you in those Ford commercials. And, y'know, at practice this spring. I think we can win state this year, coach. I really do. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Dying to see every bit of Hobbit footage that's been released so far in one place? Well you're in luck, because nerds exist. And one nerd has gone and put together all the trailers and TV spots for a nearly eight-minute-long video reel of all things Hobbit. Hopefully that will tide you over until December 11, when the movie comes out at long last. Are you excited? I wish I was more excited. Something about all this footage just doesn't do it for me. It seems kind of repetitive after Lord of the Rings and also, knowing the story, way smaller in scale. Supposedly Peter Jackson found enough to pad out three movies, but I'll only believe it when I see it. And for now all I can see is seven minutes of hobbit humor.

Here's a trailer for The "Dwayne Johnson" Rock's new drama thriller Snitch, about a dedicated quidditch player trying to beat the odds and become a champion. At least that's what it should be about. Instead it's about a guy (Rock) whose son (Rome and Breaking and Entering's handsome acrobat Rafi Gavron) gets in trouble and so to help him out, legally, he tells a DA (Susan Sarandon, hustling to support her pingpong habit I guess) that he'll go find people to turn into the police. Of course action ensues, involving poor Benjamin Bratt as yet another drug kingpin, and that's about that. Supposedly Melina Kanakaredes from Providence is also in this, but she's nowhere to be seen here. Ah well. That would have made it more enticing, is all. Anyway, seek on, Rock! And watch out for bludgers.

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