Celebrities Still Suffer from Sandy

Today in celebrity gossip: We must not forget how the rich and famous have bravely endured Hurricane Sandy, Michelle Duggar has a brand new look, and Taylor and Conor still have a chance. 

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Today in celebrity gossip: We must not forget how the rich and famous have bravely endured Hurricane Sandy, Michelle Duggar has a brand new look, and Taylor and Conor still have a chance. 

Oh dear. Oh dear me. It seems that some of those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, wealthy celebrities, are still feeling the affects of the super storm. Even our governor, Andrew Cuomo, is still without power, according to his live-in lady love, Sandra Lee. The celebrity opener of prepared foods and mixer of bizarre, cream-based cocktails tells Page Six, "No one has power. Andrew has been eating cold, hard-boiled eggs. I know, because I make it for him." Oh my goodness! Apparently everyone in their town, New Castle, is without power. How will Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo cope? "We have a generator." Oh. So... You do have power? Hm. Still, I'm sure it's difficult. But not as difficult as it is for Calvin Klein, who cannot move back into his $20 million Perry Street triplex for up to six months due to water damage in the building's basement. My god. I had no idea the storm had ravaged our city so. How is Calvin coping? He has "sought refuge in SoHo." Terrible, just terrible. Please, if you can, donate to relief efforts and write on the check "To be used at the Prince Street Dean & DeLuca by Mr. C. Klein." It's important to make sure your money goes to the right place. Meanwhile, most everyone else in New York City is doing just fine.[Page Six, Page Six]

Alert alert! Michelle Duggar has a new haircut! Alert alert! It's her first new hairstyle in 40 years, she says! Yes, the TLC (Television's Lonely Carnival) personality and mother of 19 home-schooled angels let her daughters treat her to a day of pampering for her birthday and it produced a new straight blowout 'do with only a modest hint of bangs. That's quite unlike Michelle's old style, which was a perm curl thing with big teased bangs that just went swimmingly with her long shapeless dresses and sensible clodhoppers. Now she's a whole new woman and she loves her look. Well, actually, she loves that her husband loves it. Yeah: "I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want." Yup. That's how it is in the Duggar household. One would hope that this whole makeover adventure will be featured in an upcoming episode, but who knows. I'm sure next season's got a pretty full schedule of the family traveling to mysterious compounds to watch weddings between two 19-year-olds who've never held hands, so they might not be able to squeeze in the makeover. Fingers crossed, though! Or, wait, is that witchcraft? Crossing your fingers? Probably. [People]

Speaking of big weird families, Taylor Swift is apparently still in good contact with the Kennedys, even though she is no longer dating teen scion Conor. (It wasn't going to work. She's touring her bestselling forth album and he's repeating his junior year of high school.) She will be attending December's RFK gala, where she will receive an award in front of many of the Kennedy clan, "including Conor if he is allowed out of school." Haha. If he is allowed out of school. Oh the indignity of that phrase. For really everyone involved. Oh well. The positive thing here is that Taylor and Conor are still in contact, and so the relationship might not be over just yet, which means we could get a whole 'nother summer of Taylor in Hyannis Port news, which is our chief form of sustenance at this point. [Page Six]

Beardless ephebe Justin Bieber did a man's work last night, performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which will air on television next month. The not even downy-cheeked lad sang a couple of songs in his plaintive whine and then posed for pictures with the shapely models, as awkward an interaction as there's perhaps ever been. Were it not for his constricting leather pants, it might have been even more awkward. Then it was time to tweet some jokes at fellow performer Bruno Mars — "tough life @brunomars. #VSFashionShow :)" he said — and then off to some other thing, some other dull rehearsal or bland hotel room. While elsewhere, a boy Justin's own age, named Conor, gamboled about Deerfield, texted his famous onetime girlfriend, who was always busy, always forced to do some work thing. But all Conor saw was the sprawl of his own weightless future stretched out before him. He was glad for that, he realized. Stuck in school isn't so bad given the alternative. And then, dreaming of Victoria's Secret angels, both boys went to sleep. [Us Weekly]

Does this song sound like Carly Rae Jepsen's smash hit "Call Me Maybe"? If not in melody, at least in lyrics? Well the lady who performs the song, Ukrainian singer Aza, is claiming, in an actual formal grownup lawsuit, that her "Hunky Santa" was the model for Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and that she has been robbed. So, give it a listen. Do you detect similarities? Near as I could tell both songs share the phrase "call me," though Aza only says it one time. But who knows. I'm not a musicologist. There could be subtleties I'm missing. Small nuances, little details. "Hunky Santa" is a complex song. Aza seems convinced, for one. She says that the first time she heard Jepsen's song she "was driving and almost got into an accident. I couldn't believe what I was hearing." I know the feeling, Aza. I just now know the feeling. [TMZ]

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