Cameron Diaz Likes Robert Pattinson

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Today in celebrity news: An Angel is after a vampire, Leonardo DiCaprio gets cozy with a costar, and Katie Holmes returns to Broadway. 

If certain reports are to be believed, Cameron Diaz, 40, was recently seen heavily flirting with scruffy vampire Robert Pattinson, 26, at a big party in Los Angeles. And she was, sadly for her, completely rebuffed. A supposed witness said, "She was pretty obvious. Cam was seated next to Rob at dinner. She was touching his arm, doing her big Cameron laugh at everything he said and trying really hard. He was polite, but not having it." Hm. I kind of wish she'd been doing a big Cam'ron laugh, but oh well. Of course Pattinson did not respond positively to her advances because he is madly and magically in love with his vampire bride, Kristen Stewart. So stop trying to coug, Cameron. It's not gonna work on this particular fellow. He and Kiki are in this thing deep. Why, just ask this person who saw Stewpatz at a recent concert: "They were inseparable -- kissing passionately. It was like watching one of their movies!" Um, except it wasn't one of their movies, it was real life, so stop intently watching strangers make out, ya weirdo. "It was so great, they were tenderly kissing and stroking each other's hair and there was romantic music playing on my iPod as I went in for a lovely close-up shot with my eyes..." It's weird. You're weird, probably made up concertgoer adding background to a story about Cameron Diaz being friendly to Robert Pattinson. You're very weird. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, newly single Leonardo DiCaprio may not be single for long. Now that he's done with Victoria's Secret model (really, Leo? That's about the most unoriginal thing) Erin Heatheron, he's said to be cozying up to his 22-year-old (oh, Leo) Wolf of Wall Street costar Margot Robbie. He and the Aussie newcomer were spotted talking closely at the Wynn Las Vegas recently, as both were there attending a billionaire's birthday party. Haha, what? A billionaire's birthday party? Isn't basically every a day a birthday party for a billionaire? "Today I want to celebrate all my blessings with my friends somewhere fabulous, like I will tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life barring a few days when some sad things happen and a couple more when I'm feeling lazy." A billionaire's birthday party. Ridiculous. And this is the billionaire we're talking about. I think that dude definitely has a birthday party every day. Sure it would probably be kind of fun, but wouldn't you also feel a little gross going to a billionaire's birthday party? It seems awfully decadent to be a billionaire and throw a party for yourself. I mean, do you have to bring a present to a billionaire's birthday party? Does the billionaire blow out birthday candles on a cake made of diamonds? Does the billionaire get to feel like this is his or her special day? Because pretty much every day is special for a billionaire, I'd think. Sure they have the same common concerns as anyone else — they worry, they poop, hate traffic and feel tired in the morning — but beyond that, their days are a lot more routinely special (oxymoron?) than most people's. Anyway. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen talking to a 22-year-old blonde girl. Quel shock. [Page Six]

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Speaking of billionaire birthday parties, mogul David Geffen was seen last night at a screening of a documentary about, well, David Geffen. Yeah, PBS has made a documentary called Inventing David Geffen, a profile of the music impresario and former one-third of the DreamWorks empire, and they screened it at the Paris Theater in New York last night, and David Geffen was there. Which, OK, fine, sure. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just sort of a funny item to put in a gossip report. "David Geffen Attends Party for David Geffen." What we really want to know is whether he had one of his young assistants with him. [Page Six]

Katie Holmes made her second Broadway bow last night, as previews began for the new Theresa Rebeck show Dead Accounts, in which the former Cadet Cruise stars. Holmes apparently easily endeared herself to the audience, receiving applause for a monologue about those fat cats on Wall Street and for a moment when her prop telephone broke but she didn't miss a beat, "even punctuating her dialogue by slapping the broken piece back into place." Well done, Katie! She knows how to manipulate props at a play she's rehearsed weeks for and which people paid north of $100 to see. That most certainly deserves applause. Oh, I kid, I kid. It's great that she got applause for her monologue and terrific that she's doing her thing on stage. I don't mind this New York Katie, taking the subway and acting in plays and whatnot. I'd hope that's how she continues for some time. Sure she might one day get a gig on a TV show and disappear into L.A., but let's hope it's not for a while. She's not the greatest actress in the world, this is true, and the whole Cruise relationship was decidedly bizarre, but now that's over and she's not asking for an Oscar or anything, she just wants to work and have her kid and that's that. And better here than over there. So let's support her. Break another prop, Katie! We'll keep on clapping. [People]

Celebrities Who Helped Out In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: Two Stories. The first: Law & Order: SVU stars Mariska Hargitay and Danny Pino were seen helping to haul donations out of trucks in the hard-hit Rockaways neighborhood on Sunday night. It was dark, it was cold, but there they were, carrying food and stuff to help the relief effort. Hargitay even brought her son. The second story: "TriBeCa neighbors are hailing Jay-Z as a Hurricane Sandy guardian angel. Though Jay is said to have sought refuge uptown, and was spotted with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy at the Mandarin Oriental following the storm, the word around TriBeCa is that the hip-hop mogul and part owner of the Brooklyn Nets bought a generator to power 195 Hudson St., where he and Beyoncé own a nearly $7 million loft." So there you have it. Carriers of food vs. TriBeCa Prometheus, bringing light and warmth to a powerless luxury condo. WHO ARE THE BIGGER HEROS? You decide. [Page Six; Page Six]

Where Are They Now, Part 1: Heather Matarazzo, the quirky star of Welcome to the Dollhouse and Mia Thermopolis' annoying pal in The Princess Diaries (her character, Lilly Moscovitz, stages a bloody but unsuccessful coup against the Genovian throne in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, and is hanged in Genovia Square at the end of the film), has broken up with her fiancee, Caroline Murphy. The pair had been engaged for four years, and yet Us Weekly still refers to Murphy as Matarazzo's "girlfriend and fiancee." AND fiancee? Hm. Seems suspect. Anyway, apparently the two remain friends, but the spark had died. Poor Dawn Wiener. Nothing ever works out for ol' Dawn. [Us Weekly]

Where Are They Now, Part 2: What ever became of Andrew Keegan, heartthrob from Camp Nowhere and 10 Things I Hate About You, among other things? Well, now we know. TMZ reports: "Andrew Keegan Sues Fish Taco Joint." So, there you have it. That's what Andrew Keegan is up to these days. He's suing a taco restaurant. We wish him all the best. [TMZ]

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