What on Earth Is NBC Doing to 'Up All Night'?

Today in showbusiness news: NBC is majorly tweaking that Christina Applegate/Will Arnett sitcom, Chloe Sevigny is going to do some detective work, and sweet heavens there will be a Best Exotic Marigold Hotel sequel. 

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Today in showbusiness news: NBC is majorly tweaking that Christina Applegate/Will Arnett sitcom, Chloe Sevigny is going to do some detective work, and sweet heavens there will be a Best Exotic Marigold Hotel sequel. 

NBC announced today that its beleaguered sitcom Up All Night — that's the cute-ish one with Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph — will be going on hiatus and then reappearing in the spring as a multicamera sitcom. Yeah, like with a live studio audience and everything. Huh??? That is crazy. Just plain crazy. They already changed things up this season with a random new brother character and new jobs for everyone, and now they're completely changing the format? Here's NBC head Bob Greenblatt explaining the decision: "We know what the multi-camera audience does for the live episodes of 30 Rock, plus after seeing both Maya and Christina do SNL within the past few months, we knew we had the kind of performers — Will Arnett included — who love the reaction from a live audience. We think we can make a seamless tradition to the new format. Also, we’re committed to the multi-camera form and this will give us another show to consider for next season in this new format." OK, but then just put the thing down and make a new show with these actors. Because taking a show that already exists and completely altering its foundational structure but keeping the same title doesn't make any god-dang sense. This must be disappointing and weird for everyone involved. And difficult! It's a completely different kind of writing and acting! What's going on, NBC? What are you doing? Do you need a rest? Why don't you go pour yourself a glass of wine, watch the storm roll in, and rethink this in the morning. Because this is ridiculous. That said, it is going to be exciting when they introduce Chris Kattan as the Great Gazoo and then one of those dopey Modern Family kids shows up as Ava's wacky cousin Oliver. [Deadline]

In better and slightly more sensical TV news, the great Chloe Sevigny has signed on to star in an A&E pilot Those Who Will. Oddly, Sevigny will be playing a detective who doggedly hunts serial killers, which is sort of a strangely square and traditional role for a decidedly non-square and non-traditional actress. But I guess everyone has to grow up and get regular eventually. Sevigny will be partnered up with someone playing a forensic profiler, but that role has yet to be cast. Like every other murder show these days, this is based on a Danish series. But hopefully unlike another Danish-to-American series about murder, ahem, this one won't be a rainy mess about a second-tier city's mayoral election. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hold onto your butts, old British people and other people who like movies about old British people. Plans have been announced to make a sequel to this year's delightful sleeper hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. There are no plot details available yet, so that means we'll have to speculate for now. What should our old British friends do? Go on a spooky adventure somewhere? Have to stage a play to save their beloved hotel? Maybe wake up in Thailand having no idea how they got there? The world is their oyster. They can do whatever they want! Just as long as there's a High School Musical 2-style walk in the desert/plaintive ballad, we'll be happy. [Vulture]

Though talk shows haven't been going so well for other celebrities lately, Queen Latifah is going ahead with her planned daytime gabber, and now CBS has snapped up the broadcast rights. The show, which will start next fall, is described as such: "The Queen Latifah Show will feature celebrity interviews, human interest stories, comedy, pop culture and musical performances. It is expected to showcase Queen Latifah’s talents, blending comedy and music into her hosting duties." OK, sort of like Rosie O'Donnell's old show. With human interest stories. And, uh, "comedy." What is this "comedy," exactly? Please dear god tell us it's not going to be skits. We do not want or need skits. A late night kind of a top of the show monologue with topical jokes? Fine. But not skits. You hear me, La? No. Skits. It's weird enough that you're doing this at all, so please don't make it worse. [Deadline]

AMC has reviewed its Western series Hell On Wheels for a third season, which is weird, because no one watches that show. Right? I mean, have you ever met someone who watched Hell On Wheels? No, you haven't. So, OK, AMC. Whatever. At least Britney Spears' boyfriend still has a job. [The Hollywood Reporter]

George Clooney has cast Jean Dujardin, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville, and Bob Balaban in his next directorial effort. So wait, George Clooney is directing Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2: Cruise Control??? Terrific! [Deadline]

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