Rupert Murdoch, Millionaire Matchmaker?

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It's the third day of coverage in the New York Post for Larry Greenfield, the multi-millionaire who said that the six matchmaker services to whom he'd paid $65,000 hadn't done a good enough job in the last 12 years and 250 women to set him up with the girl of his dreams. That charge was met with accusations from the matchmakers that Larry was simply too picky. "Too picky": The bane of any dater's existence! The day after that, a woman who'd dated Larry agreed, maybe he needed to get more realistic (still, she'd date him, even though he'd "snubbed" her). Today the Post goes into full-on matchmaker gear, actually finding a girl for their bewildered bachelor. Will our former trader on the hunt for a nice girl remain too picky, or will he get real? Tara Palmeri writes, 

High-school teacher Kimberly Brody is sexy, smart, funny and — best of all — ready and willing to fulfill wealthy Larry Greenfield’s dream of two kids and a white-picket fence.

“He is describing me in the article,” said Brody, 40, of Massapequa, Long Island, who read about Greenfield’s failed search for true love in Monday’s Post.

That means she meets his criteria of "thin, beautiful, Jewish, smart, live on Long Island ... never been married," etc. etc., though Brody is, gasp, 40, "at the edge of" the self-imposed age limit of 47-year-old Greenfield, who wants a partner "young enough to bear his children." Can they make it work anyway?

Signs point to maybe, or at least, they have things in common: Brody says she's a perfect catch and probably single because she, too, is "too damn picky."

So maybe there's a happy ending to all this. "Greenfield said he’s ready to give her a call," writes Palmeri. We eagerly await the next installment of "The Matchmaking Adventures of Larry Greenfield: Too Picky ... Or IS HE?" in tomorrow's New York Post, the tabloid for people who love love. 

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