Rupert Murdoch Likes VICE

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Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, stodgy old man, is a big fan of the the rude, crude, drug-obsessed hipster bible, VICE

Murdoch tweeted this today: 

Briefly giggle at the idea of Murdoch reading Dos and Don'ts. Okay, compose.

Murdoch is apparently a big fan of the brand that produces pieces like Things I Learned From Butt Chugging and used to host the ever-controversial Cat Marnell. Murdoch might have differing ideas with this piece, though. When a inquisitive follower asked if this was a sign Murdoch was shopping a potential new pickup, one to get hip with the kids, he said, "No way! Last thing they need is corporate sponsorship." Greg Gutfield even went the extra mile and introduced Murdoch to Gavin McInnes, the magazine's founder. 

If someone can convince the man to do a "Rupert Murdoch Reading VICE" video series, we would be forever in your debt. 

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