The Return of Kim Basinger

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Kim Basinger hasn't done much since she won that Oscar a million years ago for L.A. Confidential. Sure there was The Door in the Floor and that Africa one and of course who could forget Cellular. But, y'know, that was kind of it. So it feels like somewhat big news that she has been cast in Paul Haggis' new film The Third Person, alongside Adrien Brody, Mila Kunis, Casey Affleck, and Liam Neeson, among others. She'll be playing Neeson's wife, which is a supporting role, but still. Still, this is a role alongside movie stars in a respected (by some, at least, ahem) director's film. Good for Kim Basinger. Maybe this is the beginning of a resurgence. The second coming of the Real McCoy. Or maybe it's just a small-ish role in an indie film. Whichever. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a headline: "Martin Landau & Virginia Madsen To Co-Star In Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith Biopic, Mary Harron To Direct" Now that is quite a headline is it not? I mean, the first thing you think is holy hams is Virginia Madsen going to play Anna Nicole Smith? Well, no, no she's not. She's going to play her mother. OK, fine. But then you're like, that's an Oscar-winning actor and an Oscar-nominated actress being directed by the director of American Psycho in a freaking Lifetime: Television For Lady Murder original movie about Anna freaking Nicole Smith. And that is kinda weird/depressing, is it not? I mean, whatever, work's work, but Lifetime movies are always so cheap and ugly and uninventive. Sure some of them are fun and entertaining, but they're all low quality products. And now all these good, respected people are going to be tied up in one. It's very weird. Oh well. At least it's interesting that Landau is playing Anna Nicole. That ought to be fascinating, Martin Landau in a blonde wig saying "Like my body?" Can't wait, actually! [Deadline]

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Christian Bale has signed on to David O. Russell's next film, his second time with the director. Actually the movie will be a reunion with his The Fighter costar Amy Adams, who will play his wife in the film. Bradley Cooper, who is in Russell's upcoming Silver Linings Playbook is also cast, along with Russell newbie Jeremy Renner. That's a good cast! And a good story. Bale and Adams play con artists who flip and team up with a federal agent to nab other bad guys. It's based on a true story, apparently. Bale has been attached to this project before, but dropped out. Now he's back and it's a go. So, have fun everyone! Don't invite Lily Tomlin, though. That never goes well. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sienna Miller has been cast in Bennett Miller's new movie Foxcatcher, the thing where Steve Carell plays Jon DuPont, the schizophrenic heir to the DuPont fortune who ended up killing a wrestler, played by Mark Ruffalo in the movie. Miller will play Ruffalo's wife. Oh and Channing Tatum is playing Ruffalo's brother. That's quite an eclectic cast, though I guess the story is a bit odd, so a little eclecticism makes sense. This is a boon for Miller, whose career has stalled a bit of late. Sure it's just the "wife" role, but that's OK. It's still good. Everyone's getting work today! Sienna Miller is the new Kim Basinger! Uh, or not. [Deadline]

ABC's big submarine drama (yes, that's a genre) Last Resort once again performed poorly in the ratings, earning a very low 1.8 rating last night. So, what? Watership down? You sunk my battleship? Dive, dive, dive? What's the joke here? I guess we could just say "Last Resort is as successful as Down Periscope" and leave it at that. [Entertainment Weekly]

Don't worry guys: Lifetime's Steel Magnolias movie, the one with the all-black cast including Phylicia Rashād and Queen La, will be airing on Sunday night as planned. There was a lawsuit from one of the feature film's producers trying to get it blocked, but that's been tossed, so it's a go. You hear me, Mark? You listening, Rick? Take heed, Steve. Clairee, Ouiser, and the rest of the gang are a go. [Deadline]

Here's a trailer for Not Fade Away, the first post-Sopranos effort from that show's creator David Chase. It's set in New Jersey, of course, but this time the bunch of ratty mooks are trying to start a band, not murdering each other for truck routes. The movie stars that kid from the Coke commercial and, no duh, James Gandolfini. Looks cute. Just like The Sopranos!

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