Reading Murderous Movie Lines on an Airplane Isn't the Best Idea

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Whether it's fear of the hassle of getting through security or your seats coming loose during a flight, flying is stressful enough on its own. You would think actors would know not to recite lines about murdering people with ice picks mid-flight. 

You would think wrong. The New York Post's Page 6 reports Michael Pitt and Michael Stuhlbarg somehow didn't get into trouble when they decided to go over lines from their new movie Seven Psychopaths on a recent flight. They're murderers, see, so talking about murdering people on a flight would not make other passengers suspicious. "We started running our lines in front of people, like on the airplane, to see if we could get away with it. But [our characters] are gangsters so they’re talking about shooting people in the eyeballs and stabbing them with ice picks," Pitt told Page 6. A passenger was all, "Oh no, murderers! I should alert someone." The plane was diverted and it was this big mess. HBO had to apologize. There were worried USA Today headlines. Embarrassing for everyone, right? Nope. None of that happened. "They didn’t know we were kidding, you know, which was funny." You, sir, have a strange definition of funny. Christopher Walken, and your Seven Psychopaths co-stars, reading Honey Boo Boo lines is funny. Ha ha ha funny. Reading dangerous, terrifying, murderous lines on an airplane while the rest of us are trying to sleep through episodes of NCIS is n... Okay, it's a little funny. 

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