Lindsay and Liz Have Their Launch Date

La Lohan will soon be making her debut on Lifetime. Also today in showbiz news: Homeland and Dexter are bigger than ever, a '90s band favorite gets her own reality show, and Kelly Bundy heads back to SNL.

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La Lohan will soon be making her debut on Lifetime. Also today in showbiz news: Homeland and Dexter are bigger than ever, a '90s band favorite gets her own reality show, and Kelly Bundy heads back to SNL.

Lifetime: Television For Thinking About While You Get a CAT Scan has announced that it will debut its new Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick, this is the one that stars future Hollywood Square Lindsay Lohan, on Sunday November 25th. Then, at long last, will the world get to see what Lindsay Lohan 2.0 is all about. Or is this Lindsay Lohan, like, 6.0? Who can really keep count at this point. It's like the waves of feminism. Nobody knows which one we're on. Ha, yes, Lindsay Lohan's acting career is exactly like the evolution of feminist thought. Just ask Gloria Steinem. Actually don't ask her. Definitely do not go up to Gloria Steinem and ask her about Lindsay Lohan. That will not go well. But yeah. Lindsay. Liz & Dick. 11/25. Get into it. [Deadline]

Last night's big Showtime premiere bonanza, which brought Homeland and Dexter rip-roaringly back to the airwaves, was a boon for the network ratings-wise, with both shows improving upon old records. Homeland, freshly flush with Emmy wins, posted numbers 60 percent higher than its series premiere last year, also besting every other episode of the first season. Dexter, meanwhile, had its highest premiere ever, pretty impressive for a show in its seventh season. Though, let's all keep in mind that we're talking about premium cable here. Dexter had 2.4 million viewers while Homeland only had about 1.75 million. So ratings success is all pretty relative, is what we're saying. Those are like Big Bang Theory syndicated afternoon rerun ratings. Just keep that in mind, everyone. Let's not have anyone's britches get too big. [Deadline]

Remember T-Boz? She sure hopes you do. The former TLC band member is getting a new reality show, on TLC. Yeah, you get it, the band is called TLC and so is the network, ha ha. But, remember, TLC the band stood for T-Boz, Left-Eye (RIP, girl), and Chili. TLC the network stands for "They Love Crazy!" which is of course the network's view of its audience. (And they are not wrong.) So, yeah, the show will be about T-Boz trying to jump-start her music career, which, I mean... Has that ever worked? For anyone on a reality show? Isn't it pretty done for good by the time you're on a basic cable show trying to pump its chest, breathe into its mouth, massage its heart back to life? Seems like a lost cause by that point. Call it, doctor. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Saturday Night Live has announced a few new hosts and musical guests for the coming weeks. Christina Applegate will be hosting the show, with Passion Pit playin' tunes, on October 13. Applegate hasn't done the show in 19 years, when, as Entertainment Weekly reminds us, she was in a "van down by the river" sketch with Chris Farley. That's pretty amazing! What a different show she's going to find in two weeks. Might be kind of depressing? Or exciting. Either way. The other announced host and music guest are the same person: Bruno Mars. Yes, Bruno Mars will be making the funny on television, live, for your enjoyment. Which sounds a bit scary. Is he funny? Can he act? Do we know anything about him at all? Who is Bruno Mars? Is he from Mars? I know he wants to be on the cover of Forbes magazine but also that he doesn't want to do anything today. So he is something of a contradiction. An enigma, a clash of extremes. That doesn't sound very funny. [Entertainment Weekly]

Tom Cruise is making a movie directed by Doug Liman and costarring Emily Blunt called All You Need Is Kill that is now scheduled to open on March 14th, 2014. March 14th?? That's the John Carter slot, basically. Or between John Carter and The Hunger Games, actually. So it will do... just OK? The movie, which began production today, is a big sci-fi adventure about a guy who has to repeat the same day of alien killing until he kills the aliens correctly, or something along those lines. It's a repeat-the-day story that's all that matters. Blunt plays the person with the most alien kills on Earth (oh, yeah, aliens invaded) and probably the love interest for Cruise's character. Sounds kind of good? It must be really hard for Cruise to make movies about killing aliens, but I guess Christoph Waltz has made movies about killing Austrians, so. It's all in the name of art. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Director Terry Gilliam has cast actress Tilda Swinton to be in his next film, so we should expect something fairly straightforward and traditional. No reason to expect anything strange from those two. Actually, I think this project is the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie? Rodrick's Funeral or something? Or wait, no, no, it's that romantic comedy from that Fempire writer about the harried career gal who hooks up with her weed dealer and then they start falling for each other. It was called Delivery Service but then I think they changed it to something like In the Weeds (she's a chef). Anyway, the point is that with these two working together we're bound to get something pretty boring and conventional. Oh well. [Deadline]

Danny Strong, who just won an Emmy for writing Game Change, might be the guy to write the scripts for the final two movies in the Hunger Games quadrilogy, Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2. Which is great for him but still kinda crazy for us because we're talking about Jonathan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer makin' millions for movies and winning Emmys and whatnot. It's exciting, don't get us wrong, but it's also pretty weird. Oh well. Again, good for him. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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