Kristen and Rob Went to Lunch

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Today in celebrity gossip: The Twilight twins (ew) are back together again, Jennifer Aniston tearfully speaks about her engagement, and Sarah Palin and Halle Berry are practically sisters from other misters. 

Oh happiest of days! Like two shaggy magnets that simply cannot stay apart because of innate and mysterious science, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have joined together again. Well, they've at least gotten within a few feet of each other. The reunited couple was photographed leaving a restaurant in Hollywood yesterday afternoon, their first "public" appearance together since the whole cheating-gate thing happened this summer. They're not doing anything sexy or romantic in the photos, in fact they're both wearing backwards baseball caps which might be the exact polar opposite of sexy and romantic, but ain't it nice to see them together again anyway? She frowning, he looking vaguely concerned about something the way he always does. She in tattered jean cut-offs that probably cost hundreds of dollars, he in a baseball T that looks like it was pulled out of a free clothes bin at a yard sale. Oh the happiest couple, our greatest couple, reunited! Just in time to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2! Is there anything sweeter in the world? [TMZ]

Speaking of happy and sweet, Jennifer Aniston went on her friend Chelsea Handler's show Chelsea Lately last night and cried about being engaged to Justin Theroux. Not like huge, heavy sobbing or weeping, that would be super weird, just a few tears of joy as she confirmed the engagement and Handler issued her words of encouragement. It was a nice little moment, I guess, as nice as anything on that airport bar of a TV show ever gets, anyway. But then the two had to go and ruin it by trying to tell funny stories about how Chelsea is always copying Jen or doing everything she does after Jen does. Which is a thing that, I guess, friends could jokingly argue about. Except what these two were talking about was how Chelsea stole Jen's "sports doctor" and also her yoga instructor after they were in Cabo together. So it's just, like, oh, right... Your sports doctor... That's... You can actually hear the audience going "Huh?" They want to laugh, but they're not really sure what Jennifer Aniston is doing with a sports doctor. Does she own a pro football team and we just didn't know it? Is that what it is? The audience also doesn't respond that well to the Cabo story, because, I dunno, how one person stole another person's yoga instructor after they were in Cabo together doesn't really strike a chord with that many people, I'd guess. I mean, I stole my friend's allergist after our trip to Biarritz a little while back, but that's a totally different thing. Everyone gets that story. Same as my friend stealing my nutrionist following our trip to Montevideo. Those are just relatable things. But this yoga instructor/sports doctor business? Get outta town with that stuff, ladies. [People]

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Halle Berry says that she is somehow related to former celebrity Sarah Palin. Yes, the thrilla from Wasilla shares blood with the Oscar winner, though it's unclear just how distantly they are connected. Berry doesn't seem that thrilled about it, saying that they are related "in some twisted way," while I'm sure Palin yelped at the news and told one of the kids to fire up the stove for some moose chili, because "We're famous again! Sweet Kenai peninsula, we're in the money now!" That or she said "Her? Huh," while rubbing a mole on her arm and looking out into the backyard. [Us Weekly]

Denise Richards, yes the Denise Richards, recently landed a gig on an ABC Family show which, we're learning now, was a pretty hard-won victory. The network was apparently pretty wary of hiring the Starship Troopers actress, mostly because of her connections to ex-husband Charlie Sheen, who should in no way be associated with the family-friend network. The show Richards is on, playing a mom, is about a teenage boy released from jail after killing his aunt. So... Yeah, guess you wouldn't want Charlie Sheen associated with that. But, doesn't matter, because she booked the gig and the pilot will film and then we'll see if it goes to series. If it does, you'll get to watch Denise Richards play a troubled teenager murderer's mom on a show called Socio every week. And haven't you been wanting to do that ever since you first laid eyes on her in that episode of Saved by the Bell when she pretends to drown at the Malibu Sands to get Slater's attention? You've been waiting for this for that long. [Page Six]

Speaking of A.C. Slater! The thespian who breathed life into that noble role, Mario Lopez, has been named the new co-host of struggling Fox song factory The X Factor. Yes, Lopez will bring his cheesy gravitas to the program in November, alongside fellow new hire Khloe Kardashian. Mmhm. Doesn't this seem like joke news? It really seems like joke news, but I'm pretty sure it's real. What is the thinking here? Will these two save the show? Is that the idea? Or do they really want to decorate this thing as garishly as possible so when it sinks it will at least sparkle under the waves before it disappears forever? Really having a hard time determining the strategy here. But ah well. To each their own. Co-host away, you crazy so-and-sos. May Simon Cowell's mean old gods bless and keep you on your doomed journey. [TMZ]

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