Katie Holmes Rode the Subway

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So here's the problem: Hearing stories about celebrities riding the subway is great. It's humanizing, brings them down to our level, makes them seem humble and normal. Seeing pictures of celebrities riding the subway is even better — look, there they are! On a seat that I maybe sat on once! It's exciting in a silly we're-all-equals kind of a way. But. The more we hear stories about celebrities riding the subway and the more pictures we see of them riding the subway, the less inclined they are to ride the subway, right? Wouldn't that stand to reason? So it's hard to know how to feel about the news that Katie Holmes was snapped on an E train on Wednesday. On the one side it's thrilling — What stop did she get off at?? Where was she going? Did she seem familiar with how everything worked? But then you're like, oh man, now she's never going to do it again, because of all this attention, including a local news report. (C'mon, WPIX, really?) Oh well. She rode the thing one stop, from 23rd to 34th, and she was on her phone the whole time and it's not clear if she had a bodyguard, but someone did take a picture and said that everyone was whispering and there you have it. A fun little thing that will probably never happen again. Thanks a lot, us. [New York Daily News]

Hey, here's what celebrities tweeted about last night's VP debate. Lo Bosworth from The Hills was watching. Which is almost as surprising as seeing Lo Bosworth's name on a list of celebrities. The teen girl from Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, was also watching. So the youth of America is tuned in, folks. So is Kirstie Alley, though. Anyway, politics! [Us Weekly]

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Oddly, Tory Burch does not own a flat. No, instead the shoe designer owns, or rather owned, a mansion in the Hamptons that she's just sold. And the neighbors are furious because she sold it for half its value for some reason. She bought the Southampton manse for $22 million from her ex-husband but just sold it for $11 million, and residents, like Calvin Klein and David Koch, think that's going to drive down the property value of their $30- to $50-million homes. Oh boo hoo. I sure do hope David Koch's home retains its value. Would be a travesty if that didn't happen. Gotta root for the Koch. Meanwhile Burch bought another mansion to live in, for $16 million. Which raises the most important question/concern: Tory Burch is that rich? Like I know every girl in the world was wearing those damn shoes for a few years there, but really? Throwin' tens of mill (everyone in the know calls it "tens of mill") around like it just don't matter? Damn, I need to invent some shoes. What do you think about patent leather Uggs? [Page Six]

Lindsay Lohan recently called into TMZ to discuss the recording her father made of Lindsay saying her mom was on cocaine the night of their big mother-daughter fight earlier this week. Lindsay told Harvey Levin and a friend that she's through with her dad and that the cocaine thing isn't true and that mothers and daughters fight sometimes, it happens, and that's all there is to it. Which, OK, fine, clear the air, do what you have to do Lindsay, I guess. But you know what would be so much better? Getting in this canoe here and rowing out to Coconut Island and living there forever. Take this satchel and this machete and go live amid the balmy breezes of Coconut Island where you can eat chewy chewy cocoa beans and talk to parrots all day long and you won't bother anyone and we won't bother you, everyone will just be happy and peaceful. You'll love it there. On Coconut Island, the hermit crabs play steel drums and the monkeys make iced tea and sometimes the dolphins do a little show out in the warm blue waters of Coconut Bay. The sun is always bright and happy and the clouds don't bother anyone none and everyone sleeps in a nice big hammock on Coconut Island. So you should move there, Lindsay! And you know what, you don't even need to paddle yourself out. We'll do it for you. Come on, we'll take you. (Psst, guys. "Coconut Island" is actually just Shutter Island, but don't tell her, OK?) [TMZ]

"Drug-addicted writer" Cat Marnell was booted out of an awards show in New York on Wednesday night after a friend stormed the stage and interrupted an award or a presentation of something. So, oh well. What awards show was this, anyway? Well it was the Paper Nightlife Awards and Marnell was a nominee. In what category, you ask? "Best nightlife social media star." Yeah. Mmhm. Let that one soak in. And while you do that, I'm going to start striking the set, breaking everything down. You might notice some of the lights on the internet turning off, but don't worry, that's just me shutting this whole thing down. Yup, I think we've had enough. It was fun, but come on, it's over. So you just contemplate "best nightlife social media star" and all I'll be going down to the basement and turning off the boiler and everything and you can meet me outside and we'll chain up the doors behind us and we can go get lunch, OK? My treat. [Page Six]

Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were photographed looking happy on the set of Gossip Girl together, even though they used to date and Blake Lively is now married to a movie star and it should be awkward. But nope, they're just smiling away, happy as can be. It's almost like they were on set for the last godforsaken episode of their show. It's almost like they couldn't stop grinning even if they were standing next to a shrieking monster wielding a knife because who cares whatever else happens, this goddamned show is over. They started filming the last episode on Wednesday and soon it'll be over and sweet misty Christmas they'll be done. Oh god almighty they'll be done. So yeah, they were smiling, their past be damned. It's their futures they were grinning about. [Us Weekly]

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