Justin & Jessica's $300,000 Wedding Pics

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Today in celebrity news: More details emerge about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's big Italian wedding, including who was and wasn't invited and what Biel wore, plus there's a royal wedding a bit to the east in Luxembourg and James Franco's new girlfriend is causing problems. 

Tomorrow People magazine releases exclusive photos and details about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's fabulous Italian wedding ceremony, which took place last Friday, and it's now being reported that the magazine paid the couple some $300,000 for the pics. So either J&J are trying to break even on the wedding, or they're doing that thing where you figure there are going to be pictures anyway, so might as well control them and earn some money for charity. Like when Sarah Jessica Parker or Angelina Jolie sold pictures of their baby to magazines. It's all a way to manage the attention, and raise money for a good cause. There's no word on whether or not Timberbiel is actually donating the money anywhere, but we'd have to assume, right? I mean, they are very rich people, they don't need some measly $300,000 earned through nefarious means, right? They've got a lot of good will toward them, they don't want to soil that with an embarrassing thing about greed and magazine attention. Let's assume they're giving the money to charity then. The $300,000 is going to The Lou Pearlman Home for Wayward Boys. Oh, wait, god no, no no, definitely not to there. I know, it's going to Operation SYNC, which is a community outreach program that places former members of 'NSYNC in job training programs so they can pick themselves up and get their lives moving in a positive direction again. It's a really great organization. [Page Six]

Despite the $300K embargo, some details have already leaked out. Some of the important ones are: Jessica Biel did not wear all-white at the ceremony, meaning she was not a virgin. Which isn't surprising. I'm sure she and Justin waited, but Biel was on Seventh Heaven for many years, and we all know what a f--kfest the set of that show was. Just constant dirty doggin', and I mean dirty. So yeah, it was a white and pink Giambattista Valli frock with a "princess-like silhouette." Sounds nice enough. Biel then changed into something more casual for the actual reception, like so many brides do these days. Another detail we have is that Timbo did sing a song to his bride at the reception, but it was not "Sexy Back." In fact it was a new, as-yet unreleased tune. Though, a few lyrics have already been leaked and it goes something like this: "For many years you were Mary Camden / At that sex rodeo run by Brenda Hampton / Freakin' and deakin' with Stephen Collins / Enjoyin' the love of David Gallagher's frequent ballin's." Which... Gross, Justin. That is a gross song. [Us Weekly; Us Weekly]

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Here's more news from the wedding (bet you're glad you paid so much for the exclusive deets, People!): Chris Kirkpatrick was probably there, because he was in Italy at the time. But the other three members of 'NSYNC? Either not there or maybe not invited at all. Joey Fatone was in LA, Lance Bass was doing a hunger strike to get On the Line 2 finally made (no, he was in San Diego), and JC Chasez was at another wedding, his brother's in Orlando. I guess JC had told Justin ahead of time about his bro's wedding and that it was his top priority, so maybe that means JC would have been invited and gone had it not been for the conflict? But look, there is a picture from the brother's wedding, and while everyone seems to be happy and having fun, smiling there in that chlorine-y Orlando sun, there is a tight look of strain or regret on JC's face, is there not? I'm sure he was happy to be at his brother's wedding, but goddamn it why'd it have to be the same stupid weekend as the fancy thing with all the famous people in Italy?? Why does the world work this way, huh? Why do these things always, always happen to ol' JC Chasez? Sometimes it seems like all the sun in all the world shines down on Justin, while JC gets nothin' but clouds. He was supposed to be the handsome one, he was supposed to have the breakout solo hit with Schizophrenic. Instead he's standing on some dumpy lawn in Orlando with a bunch'a nobodies and the tiny Wikipedia entry for Schizophrenic includes in the following line: "'All Day Long I Dream About Sex,' his last-ever single." Last-ever. Last-ever indeed. [TMZ]

Speaking of weddings, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg has taken a bride, Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, during a two-day ceremony in the capital city. The groom, 30, and the bride, 28, looked very formal, she in a long white gown, he in military regalia, as they were wed in front of many of Europe's lesser royalty. (All they got from Britain were Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.) All of Luxembourg's 46 citizens were also there to wish the couple well, with all the women in crazy hats, as is custom, and the men looking rather jealous that they too couldn't wear zany chapeaux. At the end of the ceremony, a person of Lichtensteinian descent was beheaded and everyone got on a train to Paris to get some food. [People]

Will Smith, his wife Jada, and Salma Hayek are hosting a fundraising luncheon for Michelle Obama at the Smith home, and of course the Secret Service had to do a big sweep of the place, and boy do I mean big. There is an aerial photo of Smith manor included in the story and holy cats is that a big place. I mean duh Will Smith would buy a big house, you're Will Smith what are you going to do buy a small house, but it's just insane. People have insane houses. That is a compound, a straight-up compound. Meanwhile Carlton just moved into JC Chasez's second bedroom to help him with the rent and to maybe record some tracks with him that they think will be "hot" and will put them both back on the map. [TMZ]

Basically the minute her show wrapped in New York, Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester turned traitor and hightailed it for Los Angeles. Her costar Michelle Trachtenberg hosted a little goodbye dinner for her at some place in Midtown over the weekend, which could mean she's already gone. Just like that. School ends and everyone packs up and is suddenly scattered to the wind. Across the country, in new homes, with different people. And all that's left here are the ghosts, the echoes, the faint wispy memories of good times gone by that whip and whistle around Michelle Trachtenberg's head as she walks down some lonely Manhattan street, and, with a sad ache in her heart, remembers. Enjoy LA, Leighton. May it be sunny and boring forever. [Page Six]

Haha, oh god. Apparently Selena Gomez is really mad at that Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson for dating James Franco, because she dumped Justin Bieber's best friend to start dating him. Benson was dating Ryan Good, who is best buds with Biebs, and so Benson and Gomez, Biebs' girlfriend, got close, so close that Gomez got her a role in Harmony Korine's upcoming Spring Breakers. (That movie is these girls' big first serious, gritty movie. Oh lord is it gonna be bad.) But now Benson has fled the Bieberdome for something weirder, artsier, and decidedly higher profile, and Gomez is none too pleased. Oh well. Whatever. You're all children, you'll get over it. Ashley, you do you. Ryan Good, you'll be fine. Gomez, just chill, it's ultimately not your business. Franco, what're you doing. Do you really want to be involved in this? Do you know that you now sort of have beef with Justin Bieber's girlfriend? You kind of have beef with a Wizard of Waverly Place. Do you really want that? Is it worth it? Or is that all part of the weird experiment? You know what, I'm sure it is. I'm sure it is. Meanwhile Justin was probably like "Huh?" when Selena started complaining to him about the situation and then was all "Oh, right, whatever, I don't think Ryan cares," which just made Selena even madder. [Radar]

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