Joe Biden Thinks Scranton Is 'the Single Worst Place on Earth'

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Saturday Night Live is starting to hit its stride. Last night's episode started with an excellent cold open on the Vice-Presidential debate, strayed with a promising-but-flawed tech journalist sketch, and excelled with an appearance from a flirty Arianna Huffington on Weekend Update. 

Sudeikis is really performing on another level this season, and it shows here. After he delivers the malarkey line, Taran Killam's Paul Ryan explains to Raddatz that "it's Irish," Sudeikis kills (us, at least) with the follow up. "No, no, no. Irish is I come over there and smack that dumb look off your face." Kate MacKinnon (who's been a breakout performer this season) shines here as Martha Raddatz, the only clear winner of Thursday's debate. After asking if she looks anything like Jim Lehrer, she tells both men, "then don’t try to f--- me like I’m Jim Lehrer." Sudeikis' Scranton rant is particularly inspired, too. We're not sure if it's our familiarity with him, but he just seems bigger than everyone else. We'll be sad when he splits for Hollywood paydays and more time with Olivia Wilde in January. Killam deserves praise for being the best and most widow's peaked straight man to Sudeikis' over-the-top Biden, here. Both men capture why their faces are so wonderfully GIFy. Parting shots: So. Much. Water. Hi, Usain. Bored of the sprinting offseason already? 

This sketch, y'all. "Tech Talk" comes out to an amazing start. Bill Hader's impression of a tech journalist is great, and Kenan Thompson's turn as Gizmodo's Sam Biddle is inspiring, really. This takes an uncomfortable turn, though, when they introduce apparent FoxConn workers after the tech writers have aired their silly grievances with the new iPhone. Except all the workers are Chinese and there isn't a single Asian performer on SNL. When Thompson asks, "Can I leave?" it's like he's speaking for all of us. SNL should have no trouble taking on tech journalists, and there should be enough material to carry a whole sketch. While the FoxConn workers get the upper hand in the sketch ("What does America make? Does diabetes count as a product?!") the journey would have been more comfortable without the race-bending. 

Nasim Pedrad nearly killed us with her Arianna Huffington impersonation on Weekend Update. From her trying to get Seth Myers to be her cabana boy (hoping with our heart of hearts this is somehow rooted in some form of truth), to her 'pen - is' pronunciation, to her bit as birth control for men via Doritos flavors. She nails it here. 

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