How Pitchfork Might Have Sent an Artist to Jail

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Sure lots of people complain about Pitchfork's reviews, but Chicago rapper Chief Keef might have a real bone to pick with the sometimes snobby music site. An interview he did with the site back in June which involved video of Keef at a gun range seems to have directly violated his probation orders, meaning he could be facing jail time.

The Chicago Sun-Times' Frank Main and Jon Seidel report:

Prosecutors argued [Keef] violated the probation by having a gun in a video posted online. They pointed to a recorded media interview the rapper did in June at a gun range in New York, where he can be seen with a gun. That’s a probation violation, prosecutors argued, because his probation bans him from having any guns or illegal drugs or associating with gang members.

Pitchfork's interview splices footage of Keef performing a "freestyle" verse with footage of the then 16-year-old shooting a rifle. It's a "tough guy" setting for a "tough guy" rapper. 

The offending screen caps: 

Chief Keef holding a gun: a violation.

Chief Keef shooting a gun: a violation. 

Chief Keef, nee Keith Cozart, is one of the hottest young rappers on the scene, with his legal troubles (and reverence for guns) becoming as much a part of his mythos as his music. He got popular at the beginning of the year while he was still on house arrest for pointing a gun at a police officer. He's now serving 18 months probation while recording new songs for Interscope

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Pitchfork has already removed the damning video from its site, but for reasons unrelated to Keef and his legal issues. They pulled and retracted the video in September, saying: "The horror of the gun violence that has plagued our hometown [Chicago] is something we all take very seriously. Many people have pointed out that this episode could be seen as trivializing gun violence, and we feel they have a good point." 

So it seems everyone regrets this afternoon road trip. It was the middle of summer. They should have just gone to the beach.

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