FMK James Bond, by the Numbers

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Fifty years ago today the first James Bond film, Dr. No, had its world premiere, and so people are gathering stats. Like, how many people he's killed or had sex with. That's just like that FMK game! But instead of you having to make the choices, Bond has, or at least some screenwriter did. Let's get to the numbers! 

Let's start with K, for killing: Since Bond is a secret agent he kills lots of people. According to The Guardian, agent 007 has killed 352 people over the course of the 22 official films in the franchise. That sounds like a lot, sure, but consider that a total of 1,299 people die in the course of those movies, and he's a downright humanitarian. And, for the record, Pierce Brosnan wins the title of "deadliest Bond" averaging 33.8 deaths per movie.

M is for marry: Despite his lothario ways Bond has married. The BBC notes Bond, played by George Lazenby in his only time as the character role, was married in the 1969 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. There's an also an undercover marriage, with debatable legitimacy, in You Only Live Twice. But we'll count it: Bond has married two times.

F is for a word we don't use gratuitously:  A post at AskMen counts 52 sexual partners for Bond in his 22 films. The Bond franchise started back when the bikini was considered scandalous so arriving at this statistic requires a bit of inference of off-screen action. The coital criteria AskMen used was: "1) Romance must occur in the scene and be shown, or 2) Bond says something just before a scene cuts which strongly implies he is going to bed with the woman in question, or 3) as mentioned above, before the credits roll he and the heroine spend some QT together." A 2009 study of 195 female characters in 20 films released through 2002, which means only through the Brosnan era, found that Bond had "strong sexual contact" — meaning "implied sexual intercourse or other direct sexual contact" — with 23.6 percent of the women shown. A doctor told the BBC News Magazine that "the likelihood of James Bond having chlamydia is extremely high."

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