Finally, 'Die Hard 5'

At long last we get a glimpse at the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise. Elsewhere in showbiz news today: Pretty Little Liars will do some more pretty lying, Adele's James Bond song is really good, and Diane Warren gets her own show, sort of. 

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Today marks the debut of the first trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth film chronicling the violent adventures of one John McClane. This one takes place in Russia, presumably because of some weird financing deal, which is a little lame — Die Hard movies really should take place on American soil. But, whatever. McClane is also joined by his son, a big lug played by Spartacus: Vengeance's Jai Courtney, so I guess McClane's daughter, introduced to us in the last one, Live Free or Die Hard, is safely off with Justin Long somewhere. There's also a sexy lady or two, a newer addition to the Die Hard forumla, but not necessarily an unwelcome one. Gotta put butts in seats, and butts put butts in seats. Anyway, there's a whole lotta shooting and exploding and whatnot in the trailer, which is a good thing, and that's basically about it. We're pretty excited about this, as the last one was surprisingly good, and there really isn't anyone on this planet who doesn't like Bruce Willis. That dude has been really good at maintaing his career, hasn't he? Very talented at still getting movie roles. So, yeah. Here it is. Another Die Hard. Coming this winter. Yippee-ki-y... Well, you know the rest.

Fans of the Die Hard movies will be thrilled to learn that ABC Family has renewed teen mystery soap Pretty Little Liars for a fourth season. The show has gotten madd complicated and nonsensical, but people are still watching it, so ABC Fam wants more. In fact PLL is the network's most successful show ever, so it's probably not going anywhere any time soon. They've ordered 24 new episodes, to air beginning mid-year 2013. Who is A??? Do we know who A is yet? I lost track. There's like lots of As, right? They're working on a team to all be A? That's what I heard. Sort of like the Avengers. Which also starts with A, so. I don't... You know what? I'm a grown man, so maybe I should just stop talking about this. [Deadline]

Adele's song "Skyfall" from the upcoming James Bond movie, uh, Skyfall, has been leaked and put online and it very good! Moody and modern but also plenty instep with the classic James Bond sound. Well done, Adele! (And co-writer Paul Epsworth.) Can't wait to watch women writhe in liquid and turn into guns or whatever's gonna happen in the opening credits while listening to this tune. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ohhh, saucy Broadway news! Or, sorta Broadway news. Rent veteran (and Les Mis survivor, barely) Daphne Rubin-Vega (she played Kevin Bacon's partner in Wild Things, for you movie buffs) has been cast on the next season of Smash. She'll play some sort of publicist, meaning she'll probably have a lot of scenes while on a cellphone, like Joanne in Rent. Rubin-Vega's Rent buddy Jesse L. Martin is also going to be on this season, but they won't have any scenes together. Oh, and Rubin-Vega won't be singing, so, go find that cat scratch somewhere else. OK, that's it. Back to Hollywood. [Entertainment Weekly]

Famed songwriter Diane Warren ("My Heart Will Go On," "Unbreak My Heart," "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," a kajillion others) is teaming up with a buncha folks to make a musical "dramedy" (ugh), partially based on her life. Or something. That was the original idea but now it's different. Whatever it is, if Diane Warren is going to be giving us a new song every week, that would be quite something. I highly doubt that's actually what this is, but you never know. Crazier things have happened. Cop Rock happened. For like two seconds, but it happened. So Diane Warren might be writing a song a week, who knows. Let's hope so. "Uh, this week's song is called, 'The Heart Carrying Through It All' or something. Who the hell cares, here's the damn song." [Deadline]

Fox has pushed the return of the Kiefer Sutherland show Touch back to January. So, someone go tell the Touch fan. Does anyone know where he is? The fan? If anyone can find him, tell him he's gotta wait until January. Don't worry about being gentle, he's not even that big of a fan. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a trailer for Allen Hughes' Broken City, a drama/thriller in which Russell Crowe plays the silly-tawkin' mayuh of New Yawk and Mark Wahlberg is an otherwise straight-laced cop who gets tangled up in the mayor's web of corruption. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Crowe's stepping-out wife, while Jeffery Wright plays a fellow cop or something and Kyle Chandler pops up too. Eh, looks fine. Very James Gray or something. This is another winter release, like Die Hard. Weird that we're already getting trailers for those, those doldrum-y months. Could they really almost be upon us again?

And here's a trailer for Parker, a Jason Statham thriller that's about the exact same thing that all Jason Statham thrillers are about, the only difference in this one being that Jennifer Lopez is in it. Yup, Jennifer Lopez is now doing Jason Statham B-movies. That's what's happened. Out of Sight was a long, long time ago, you guys. And it's a shame.

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