Does 'Nashville' Have a Country Prayer?

Today in showbiz news: One of the better shows of the new season did only OK in its debut last night, Tom Hanks is officially headed to Broadway, and Jodie Foster is directing another movie. 

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ABC should certainly be happy that the premiere of its big new country music soap Nashville handily beat the debut of NBC's new firehunks drama Chicago Fire last night. That is certainly good news. But it does not mean that the show is queen of the rodeo. With 9 million viewers and a 2.8 rating, Nashville premiered down from the numbers Revenge posted in the same slot last year, and, even worse, viewership dropped off from the first half-hour to the second, meaning people started losing interest. That could indicate a big drop next week, or it could just be some weird fluke. We hope it's the latter, as we think it's a pretty good show, and we're not the only ones. Plus you just have to root for Connie Britton, don't you? It just always seems like the right thing to do. So what're y'all doing?? Get off your behinds and go watch Nashville. It's one of very few bright lights in a really dim season. [Vulture]

As had been rumored earlier this year, Tom Hanks will officially be making his Broadway debut in the Nora Ephron play Lucky Guy. The play, about the turbulent life of New York Post gossip columnist Mike McAlary, will open at the Broadhurst on April 1st. So, that ticket should be easy to get. No need to buy in advance, just walk right up to the box office 15 minutes before curtain. Who would want to see Tom Hanks live, in a Nora Ephron play? Not many people, that's who. It'll probably be on TKTS after the first preview. So really don't bother calling Telecharge now. Just wait it out and get the cheap tickets. [Playbill]

Jodie Foster has signed on to direct the upcoming film Money Monster, a documentary about potential first lady Ann Romney. Oh, I kid, I kid. It's about Mitt. No! No, it's about a Jim Cramer-type jerk who makes bold financial predictions on a popular cable news show. But when his tips cause a man to lose his family's money, the Money Monster is held hostage on live TV while people bid to keep him alive. Or something. So it's basically John Q. or Dog Day Afternoon or I don't know. I think it's good that Jim Cramer is finally going to get the mean movie treatment, that's well-deserved, but what about something less sensational? Because in this case the truth is actually a lot stranger, and more depressing, than fiction. [Deadline]

Oh god. You know who's still popular? Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Yes, the guy with all the vaguely racist puppets had a comedy special air on Sunday night and it earned the best ratings of any Comedy Central standup special this year. Well, that's terrific. Glad you guys are still enjoying Achmed the Dead Terrorist and that black pimp one named Sweet Daddy D (seriously) and all his other horrible fake friends. Hope you're all happy with yourselves. [Deadline]

Here's another trailer for Robert Zemeckis' Flight, that Sully Sullenberger-gone-bad drama starring Denzel Washington. This one seems like it's getting kinda swallowed up by all the other big-ticket movies this fall, doesn't it? There hasn't been much press or buzz surrounding it, which could pose a problem for the obvious Denzel Oscar Number 3 pitch that this whole thing is. I mean, it comes out in three weeks! And yet, nothing. Maybe this new ad will help. Who knows. Good luck, Denzel.

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