Dish Subscribers Can Watch 'Walking Dead' Again

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Dish Network and AMC are friends again. They agreed to a $700 million settlement in their ongoing lawsuit that saw Dish black out AMC while Mad Men and Breaking Bad were airing. Which means Dish subscribers can stop intruding on their friends to watch The Walking Dead. The dispute revolves around a lawsuit between Dish and VOOM HD, another channel under the AMC umbrella. Dish unceremoniously dropped VOOM in 2008, and VOOM sued for $2.5 billion. Dish originally denied that blacking out AMC was connected to the VOOM lawsuit. They were also content to let the network stew over the summer while AMC's hottest shows were airing. But that's all in the past now. Hopefully AMC will be back on time for tonight's new Walking Dead episode. Zombies!

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