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There's at least one job opening at a newspaper: Clark Kent has quit his job at The Daily Planet. We've got an early look at the job listing for any reporter willing to move to Metropolis. Superheroes need not apply. 

Position: Reporter

Location: Metropolis

Salary: Competitive.

Requirements: Five years or over 85 years experience desired, depending on who you ask. 

Benefits: Health insurance. Excellent vision plan. A 401k with Galaxy Broadcasting. Utility closet.

Skills Desired: We'd like you to work on a computer, but if you're a typewriter type of journalist we can make accommodations. We've done it before. We'd also prefer if you were mild-mannered too.

Other: You'll be working under Perry White, Editor in Chief, who is going to expect you to be there all the time. As for co-workers, you'll be working alongside Lois Lane, gossip columnist Cat Grant, sports guru Steve Lombart and business editor Lana Lang.

Seriously, if you can't commit to this  job 24/7, please look elsewhere. And if you can't deal with "someone breathing down [your] neck and treating [you] like the least important person in the world," you might want to check out The Daily Bugle.

To Apply: Email a résumé and cover letter to

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