Creepy Ghost Children Scare America

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Welcome to the Box Office Report where we're busy binging on old horror movies and making out Michael Myers costume in preparation for Halloween. 

1. Paranormal Activity 4 (Paramount): $30.2 million in 3,412 theaters

America, why aren't you flocking to the fourth annual October Door Slamming Convention? You loved the first three so much and this very necessary fourth one didn't perform near as well in its opening weekend. What gives? Hopefully you realized the cheap scares of PA movies are silly. (Also, that promo picture is creepy, but not in the way the movie wants to be.)

2. Argo (Warner): $16.6 million in 3,247 theaters [Week 2]

Argo: a very consistant bridesmaid. She held second place for the second week in a row. Not to get all Inside Baseball on you, but Argo managed to only drop 14 percent from last week even though they added theaters. That's impressive. 

3. Hotel Transylvania (Sony): $13.5 million in 3,014 theaters [Week 4]

Please, someone, release another family movie so Hotel Transylvania will leave us forever and ever. Don't make me resort to Ice Age screencaps again. 

4. Taken 2 (Fox): $13.4 million in 3,489 theaters [Week 3]

A short, incomplete list of things Liam Neeson takes: the good parking spot, the last cookie, your ability to feel like a complete person in his presence. He is better than you. 

5. Alex Cross (Summit): $11.8 million in 2,539 theaters 

Tyler Perry and That Guy From Lost couldn't make a hit together. Perry, in what Nikki Finke described as "one of the juiciest roles for a black actor," proved he's only valuable when he's writing his own material. Which, coincidentally, he's planning to do for the Alex Cross sequel. If anyone bank rolls it now. 

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