Chris and Rihanna Do It Again

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It's not two but three nights in a row now for hip-hop/R&B/pop's hottest young couple. Elsewhere in celebrityland: Kate Gosselin wants back on TV, for the children; Andy Cohen thinks he's making art; and Julianne Moore was robbed. 

Just yesterday we were humming and whispering about the news that former lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna might not be so former, as they were seen doing freak dancing and going to the bathroom together at a nightclub on Monday night. Well two times might be a charm, as the pair was again spotted havin' a laugh at 1Oak on Tuesday night and then left the club together. So, that's two nights in a row for the club kids, which sure, OK, whatever, maybe they're back together, but shouldn't they maybe take a night off? I mean two nights in a row at the clurrb? On school nights? I know they're young, but they're not that young. These are working professionals! They need their rest. I hope they were in bed by 10pm last night. Hm? What's that? They were at the Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn together? Three nights in a row?? Someone call their mothers. This is too much. There is no going out tonight. Tonight both of you are going to buckle down, get some work done, and be in bed, lights out, at 9 o'clock. You hear me? Three nights in a row is too many nights, I don't care how giddy and excited you feel about the rekindling of your romance or that you're young and rich and can enjoy life in fast, good-times New York City if you want to. Don't care about any of that. Homework, sensible dinner, an hour of studying, and then bed. That's it. Either that or go to Tenjune or whatever and slurp champagne off the floor together. What do I really care? [Page Six; TMZ]

Former celebrity Kate Gosselin, who sold her eight children to TLC in exchange for a Dancing With the Stars gig and several bizarre haircuts, was on Katie Couric's struggling talk show recently (or is going to be on it or something, who knows) and said that, shockingly, she would do another reality show. Yeah, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Dancing With the Stsrs were not enough, it seems. She said of a potential dating series, "It is true. After a few years in realizing my barriers to dating and all of that and loving TV and the experiences . . . I just feel like honestly, yes, that was my idea. I would do it [so] it could be watched by families and my children." Why would your children want to watch you on a reality show about dating? Huh? Why can't they just... watch you in real life living your life? Oh well. Whatever. She can couch it in whatever bullshit she wants to, the point is Kate Gosselin would like to be on telebbision again. Because she loves it, and she doesn't blame it for any past traumas, like her divorce from world's oldest seventh grader Jon Gosselin. She says that she's certain that "had you never heard the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, I'm certain that I would be in that spot now." So, OK. Fine. Whatever. Is anyone giving this lady another show? What network will? CMT for some reason? They seem to do a lot of random things. Oh what about C-SPAN 2. They've got some afternoon programming blocks to fill up. If not them, she could always go to Starz. I mean, it'd be a little embarrassing for her, but hey, it's a living. [Us Weekly]

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Speaking of odd justifications for reality TV, Bravo camp director Andy Cohen said at a recent panel event for an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that he thinks Warhol would have liked his network's shows, particularly the Real Housewives series: "Warhol was fascinated with everyday people being celebrities and in everyday conversation being interesting. Melissa from the Housewives of New Jersey was on the cover of Us Weekly last week . . . I think he would have been interested in that. It’s my fantasy that he would have dug the Housewives series." Which... OK, Andy. Sure thing. Whatever you want. You can have that fantasy and talk about that fantasy at the Met and whatever else. Whatever helps you sleep at night in your giant round satin bed or whatever it is you perch your body upon when it's night-night time. Think that all you want, that Andy Warhol would like the Real Housewives. Ha. OK, darling. Sure thing, little one. Good night. I'll leave the nightlight on. Yes, and the door open a little. I'm just down the hall. Close your eyes. You'll be fine. I'll see you in the morning. Good night, sweet prince. Enjoy your dreams. [Page Six]

Julianne Moore has been robbed! No not just of the 2003 Academy Award for best actress, like actual robbed. Someone took $127,000 worth of jewelry from her West Village apartment, which has been being worked on by 15-25 construction workers. Oh no! That is terrible. But, also, what is anyone doing with $127,000 worth of jewelry? Take a damn cruise around the world or something, sheesh. Leave the conflict diamonds at the Cartier store where they belong and go to Bora Bora, damn. It was diamond stuff that was taken, a $33,000 diamond Cartier tennis bracelet and several Cartier watches. Well, that's terrible, but you know what you can't steal? Three months living in Paris in the Hotel de Crillon. Can't steal that. Can't steal taking your kids and their friends to Disney World and renting out half the Grand Floridian for a weekend. Nope, that's unstealable. Pretty sure you can't steal hot air balloon rides over Sydney Harbor, or gazing amazedly at Angkor Wat, or, I dunno, a summer in a house on Block Island with everyone you love. Those things are untakeable. But a bunch of price-controlled, questionably obtained, politically tainted rocks glued to watches and bracelets? Yup, guess it's pretty easy to steal those. Oh well. People like what they like, I guess. I don't get it, though. I really don't. [People]

Nicki Minaj thinks that American Idol producers are deliberately trying to cause fights between her and her fellow judge Mariah Carey and she is not happy about it. The producers insist they don't want the fights, but who knows what that really means. Mostly I think it's silly that a grown adult who is making $8 million to spend less than a year giving sound bites about singing performances is claiming that she and her coworker, who is making even more to do the same, can't even be sovereign enough in themselves to not get in screaming fights with each other while judging singing performances for millions of dollars. It's the producers' fault that these two grown women keep fighting at work! They're egging things on, they're goosing Mariah, they're needling Nicki. Sure, whatever, maybe so. But you're not some slip of a thing at the mercy of the winds. Nicki, you're a 29-year-old woman who is being paid a lot of money to do a job so do that job and if you don't want to fight, don't fight. You wanna fight? Fine, fight. But don't act like you don't have choice. Probably some people will say that even this news is manufactured, that it's all to drum up publicity for the show, which maybe it is. But if it isn't and Nicki, and Mariah, are saying that it's the producers' fault that they're beefing? No. Nope. Sorry. This isn't Kid Nation. Grow up, everyone. [TMZ]

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