A Chart of Plaid on 'Parks and Recreation'

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Have you ever noticed that the characters on Parks and Recreation wear a lot of plaid? The obsessive blogger at Parks and Plaid noticed and made this amazing pie chart to show which characters wear the most. Each week, Parks and Plaid keeps track of which characters wore plaid, with screenshots and all. Every so often, the blog will put up stats for the plaid in the show thus far under a "Plaid in Review" tag.

As you can see, Jerry wore more plaid than any of the other characters, and Donna, who made up just 1 percent of the plaid-wearing, was the least plaid-tastic. How much plaid is in the overall pie? Well, just in season 4, plaid showed up 135 times. Season 3 had 121 plaid appearances and season 2 had 128.5, for a total of 384.5 plaid sightings seasons 2-4. Parks and Plaid did not enumerate season 1's sightings, though apparently that was a low-plaid season.

If history is any indication, Jerry will be waving the plaid-flag for season 5, too. According to the blog, he's already ahead with seven outfits including plaid even though there have only been three episodes. Thanks, Parks and Plaid, for gathering the info we didn't even know we wanted.

Chart by Parks and Plaid via I Love Charts

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