Big Bird Sleepily Responds to Mitt Romney

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Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers scored the week's biggest exclusive by getting Big Bird to to stay up way past his usual bed time to comment on being the center of attention in Wednesday night's debate. 

Yawning and with droopy eyes, Big Bird told Meyers he felt like he's "famous now" after getting brought up by Mitt Romney on Wednesday. When Meyers asked him if he wants to make any political statement, Big Bird declined by saying he didn't want to "ruffle any feathers." The bit doesn't really work, but Meyers looks honest-to-God starstruck sitting next to the famous muppet. That might be the best part:

They also tackled the debate in the show's cold open. Obama's poor performance was because he was distracted after he forgot to buy Michelle an anniversary gift. Thankfully, the hotel gift store has Denver Broncos hoodies. Also, shout out to Chris Parnell making a cameo as Jim Lehrer. 

Oh, and did you know that Daniel Craig hosted? That means James Bond sketchs. We are dutifully crossing off the days until Skyfall comes out, and it's nice to have Bond be a relevant thing in pop culture again. This sketch is great, but Taran Killam's Sean Connery impression at the very start really does it for us. More of that, please. 

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