No One Is Shaving Their Heads for Justin Bieber

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Belieber fans, stop what you're doing right now and just place those clippers right on the table. No one is shaving their heads for Justin Bieber. And news outlets, don't you go feed the fire, either. Okay fine, maybe there's a random 14-year-old girl who jumped and borrowed her brother's body groomer way too fast, but on the whole, we have reason to believe that no one is really shaving their head. 

You see, everything from the Entertainment Tonight tweet to the fan videos of Beliebers with shaved head seems to be fake and a product of 4chan. In essence, there is no Justin Bieber cancer, but there are also aren't any head-shaving Beliebers.

So, if you do have clippers in your hand or are a journalist getting ready to find bald Beliebers, put down the clippers and notepad, and let us talk you down from the ledge and show you how we all got swallowed up in this mess:

The Fake Entertainment Tonight Tweet

Entertainment Tonight never sent this tweet, it's actually just a screenshot which reports say surfaced on Thursday. The keyphrase here is "Bieber fans are..." This is a trigger to Beliebers who cannot someone loving Justin Bieber more than him/her, so to they think that in order to keep up and not be bested by other Beliebers, they too shall have to shave their head. 

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Cue the Cueballers

YouTube user Advancedhackss uploaded that video on October 23—the same time-stamp as the tweet. But c'mon, don't trust a guy that has a half-completed video with YouTube name "advancedhacks." There's at least one more video going around of bald Bieber fans. The catch here is that these are fake: text accompanying the photos to be overlaid onto the images most of the time, the images of the Beliebers are repeated, and some of the signs the bald-headed "Beliebers" are holding seem to be photoshopped (see below). 

And this baldy appears in on the joke:

He/She appears again with a different sign: 

The Intended Effect on a Belieber: "ZOMG. OTHER FANS ARE GOING BALD. MUST DO THIS!!"

#Baldforbieber Is Born as Well as a Fake Facebook Page

The Intended Effect on a Belieber: "If it's on Social Media it must be real."

Other Fake Tweet Screenshots

The Intended Effect on the Beliebers: Chris Brown and Kanye West wouldn't lie to us. 

All that swirling about in the social mediasphere has led to posts and stories from Boing Boing, the Examiner, and the ilk about troves of Bieber fans shaving their heads. But the big problem is is that they're basing the shaved-head Beliebers on the images they see on the fake videos planted by the jerks who are still trying to trick Bieber fans. And a simple look at the #baldforbieber hashtag just shows people laughing at the Beliebers who shaved their heads (who again don't exist), but no one really posting their own bald shots.  

If you're a Belieber who still doesn't beliebe...errr...believe us, here's a tweet from Bieber's bodyguard: 

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