Another 'Bachelorette' Disaster

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Today in celebrity gossip: Another ABC-sponsored relationship has come to an end, Mel Gibson has love in his life once more, and Bob De Niro is homeless. 

Oh dear. They're calling it: Most recent Bachelorette star Emily Maynard has officially split with skateboardin' cool-guy fiance and show-winner Jef Holm, after months of speculation about infidelity. Pretty soon after their season ended, Maynard was caught sending sexy texts (is there a way to shorten that? No, guess not) to Oakland Raiders QB Matt Leinart. Maynard and Holm had a big fight about that while on vacation, but then seemed to patch things up, making a few public appearances looking happy and together. And then, alas, Holm was seen chatting up some blonde dish at a party in Laguna Beach, and then it all crumbled and now lies in ruins. How ruined? Jef, an adult, changed his Facebook relationship status from "engaged" to "DTF" "single." So what are we to make of this? Is true love dead? Are we to find it nowhere in this techno-gizmo era of our own making? Can a country queen and a skateboard kid never make it work, are there too many worlds between them? Was this relationship doomed from the outset, when Jef threw his skateboard into the bushes as he walked up to meet Emily for the first time? That did actually happen, by the way. He rode up on a skateboard and then just chucked into some shrubs and it was a little confusing. That's probably where the relationship both began and ended. They may not have known it for a while, but the minute that rolly-board was tossed into the hedges, it was over for them. You just can't start like that. So, oh well. On to new things for both of them. Emily's already been on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette so her time is done, probably. She'll have to retreat back to her house in North Carolina or wherever it is with her daughter and go live a regular, skateboard-free life. And Jef, well, we'll just have to track his Facebook to see where he ends up. The world is open to him. And luckily enough, considering his preferred mode of transport, a lot of it is downhill. [Us Weekly]

As one beautiful love affair ends, another equally as beautiful romance begins. It seems that religious scholar and highway enthusiast Mel Gibson has been dating a gal for the past couple months, an actress who also has done stunt work for the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Jennifer Aniston. Apparently things are going pretty well, she's been introduced around to his family and all that, and any time he starts to act like a jerk she does one of her stunt lady moves and gets him in a headlock or throws him into a bookshelf or a glass coffee table or something. I mean, safely, she's a trained stunt woman, but it gets the point across. In truth, Mel has fun with it too, as all the furniture in his house is stunt furniture at this point anyway. It's all breakaway glass and balsa wood and other little tricks. So she tosses him around the house, he laughs, they split an O'Doul's, and that's the day. Whatever makes them happy, that's what I say. Whatever works for them. [TMZ]

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Robert De Niro has become a hobo. Yup, he and his wife have no place to live. See, there was a fire in their Central Park West apartment building, where they own a five-bedroom, and now they have to do gut renovations, which are going to take years. First thing, Bob, aren't you supposed to live down Tribeca way? Isn't that your whole thing? What are you doing on the Upper West Side? Ridiculous. Second thing, De Niro's wife Grace was overheard at a party somewhere saying that the couple is looking to rent and that they want a five bedroom with lots of closets. The five bedrooms might seem excessive, but remember that De Niro has like six kids, including a baby, and a couple of grandchildren, so space is required. The family was reportedly looking at a 60th-floor unit at a place on W 56th that would have cost them as much as $100,000 a month, but that supposedly fell through. Which is for the best. For $100,000 a month, why not just buy Yonkers? Anyway, Grace was also overheard saying that they might have to look downtown. Oh, that's a good idea. May I suggest a neighborhood? Tribeca, ya dopes. That is where he is supposed to live. No more of this Upper West Side foolishness. There's a reputation to uphold. [Page Six]

Well, you may have heard already, but in case you didn't: Last night, previous to all this debate nonsense, American political princess, daughter of a noble and powerful family, Bristol Palin was sent home on Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. Yes, she and partner Mark Ballas got the axe, fairly early in the competition too, considering she placed third in her original season. Oh well! I'm sure she's got some other reality tricks up her sleeve. Maybe some kind of TLC show or, y'know, maybe something a little more at-her-level, like Oxygen or the Style network. A dating show called The Heart Is a Lonely Huntress? A show where she moves to the UK called Bristol, England? Maybe just a show where she lives with one of her siblings and they're constantly competing called Palin Comparison. There are lots of options, is what I'm saying. So no one should worry that Bristol might be forever gone from our TV screens. Shh, shh. Don't worry, please don't worry, she'll be back. [Us Weekly]

Everyone knows that Tyra Banks went to Harvard Business School, right? Well, ha, OK, she went to a nine-week open-enrollment extension school program that gave her a certificate, but it is run by Harvard Business School, so we can say that she went, sort of. Mostly we say it because she really, really wants us to. Anyway, the point is there was a "reunion" of some kind in Boston this past weekend, and Banks went to meet up with old friends. She posed for a picture in front of the "Boston Library" (um, it's Boston PUBLIC Library) and had dinner in the Back Bay. To think of Tyra in Boston! Has she been to Sonsie? Did she go to Club Cafe with some Miss Jay creature or whoever she's palling around with these days? What does her friend who she had brunch with do? Where does she live? There are so many questions. So many, in fact, that I wish Tyra would run a nine-week extension school class about herself. I think we could all benefit from that. And just think of the reunions! [People]

John Mayer and Katy Perry might be smooshing again, if their behavior in New York yesterday and this past weekend is any indication. The pair had an "intimate lunch" (is that a thing?) together at ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron yesterday, following a Saturday night of drinks at LES hang Hotel Chantelle and cozy canoodling at the exclusive little Alphabet City dive Cabin Down Below. So basically Mayer spent a Saturday night doing things that most people in New York would never want to do: sitting around some awful LES hotspot, being crammed into a trendy East Village basement, and hanging out with Katy Perry. Though, in truth, the same could be said about her. So everyone loses! Happy birthday to us all! [Page Six]

Stars! They're just like us. They even yawn. Yup, it's true, and we have proof. Here are some photos of Julianne Moore yawning. She was having morning coffee yesterday with friends in the Meatpacking District and she was yawning. And someone photographed her doing so. Amazing. [Daily Mail]

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