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Richard is still in Los Angeles, where he was apparently seen smiling and saying things like "take the 405 to the 10, the 101 is just awful this time of day" and "maybe just blonde highlights?" But the morning gossip will wait for no man. So, today: Carrie Bradshaw sells her heaven on Fifth, Zac Efron can't quit a habit, and there's at least one Kennedy that approves of Taylor Swift's "obsessive" relationship with her high school junior. 

The Wall Street Journal and Piaget threw a party for Arbitrage because Richard Gere playing a hedge fund trader sounds like a Piaget ad you'd see in the WSJ. Amidst the 1 percent reveling, there is a tragedy to report: Zac Efron is using his giant triceps to smoke evil cancer sticks. "He was puffing on the electric cigarette with friends in a back corner booth ... but then he went outside and walked down the block to sneak cigarettes," a "spy" told Page Six. (Yes, there's apparently someone assigned to the Zac-Efron-smoking beat.) Doesn't he know that smoking ruins your voice (what about High School Musical 4: The Reunion???!)? Or your looks, or that smile?  That smile Zac! Think of the people Zac--the people! [Page Six]

In each generation, a slayer is born. He alone must stand against the forces of darkness that is Suri's Burn Book, and cheetah print. He will go by the surname of Gellar-Prinze, bring honor back to his family, and get the Gellar-Prinzes back onto the pages of Us Weekly. [Us Weekly]

Amanda Bynes's bad driving and maybe drug use have caught the eye of squinty brow-beater Lindsay Lohan. Instead of silently enjoying this designer impostor version of her own troubles in a velvet robe and sipping from a brandy snifter, Lohan decided to tweet out this gem of critique of the United States' justice system: 

Insert Burn Book joke. And yes, Nickelodeon has better bribes. [Lohan Twitter]

Taylor Swift has one Kennedy endorsement. Rory Kennedy, aunt to Conor--the junior in high school that has become the object of Swift's affection (and possible the object of Swift's future songs)--is totally on board with SwiftCon ... ConTay ..Taylor Kennedy (whatever you'd like to call the relationship). "I think she's fantastic and I couldn't be more thrilled ... She's a good friend of our family and we all adore her and love her. It's great to have her around," said Rory to Us Weekly. And the feeling is mutual, sort of, not-really... the same piece a source tells them that Taylor is "obsessed with the family." [Us Weekly]

As I gazed onto the online gossip rags, I couldn't help but wonder why one would focus on Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's decision to sell their Fifth avenue townhouse. As Radar went on about the seven fireplaces and four bedrooms, I got to thinking about addictions and cravings and relationships and puns and things. Is celebrity real estate porn a craving? Yes, Jen and I were both recreational users, but were we getting into something we couldn't handle? Okay, we were attracted to reading about Jessica Parker's fourth-floor master suite for various reasons, but I couldn't help but think...for $25 million, in a city like New York, is this all there is? Come back, Richard. [Radar]

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