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Tonight we see the confluence of three major, celebrity-filled, potentially world changing events (well, at least one might be): the final night of the Democratic National Convention, the MTV Video Music Awards, and Fashion's Night Out. Where to direct attention? Should we listen to the important information the president (and Scarlett Johansson) will convey at the DNC? Turn to MTV to see what scandalous and/or shocking moments this year's VMAs will bring? Or head out to the streets to get free stuff during FNO? If you think you're confused, consider the celebrities whose interests will overlap tonight. We've listed a few who are likely feeling the time crunch:

Taylor Swift or, let's call her, tonight's "all star." The singer has connections to all three events. According to MTV, physically Swift will actually be at the Staples Center as a VMA performer. That said, she also, as the New York Times notes, campaigns for FNO. See her in their PSA here: 

So where does she fit into the DNC? She's been there in spirit, at least. Swift has reportedly been dating 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, and Kennedys, as are to be expected; this is the DNC after all, have been popping up around Charlotte. In an interview with TMZ, Patrick Kennedy said Swift is "already a part of" the family. She was also a subject of discussion in a Today Show interview with Patrick and Edward Kennedy, Jr. 

Gabby Douglas The Olympian said the pledge of allegiance last night at the DNC in Charlotte, but tonight, along with her fellow Fierce Five gymnasts, she'll be a presenter at the VMAs. Will she wear something a little more casual than her DNC attire? We're hoping she'll do some flips. 

(Photo via Reuters). 

Anna Wintour Fashion's Night Out is the Vogue editor's brainchild, but she's also a vocal Obama fan who has hosted multiple fundraisers for the president. Wintour's not concerned about the overlap, though. According to the Associated Press

A Vogue spokeswoman said that Wintour is a supporter of President Barack Obama and noted that shoppers had five hours of events — plenty of time to get home to watch Obama speak if they wish. She said the event was planned a year in advance with thousands of retailers.

Nicki Minaj The rapper is on the guest list for the VMAs, and rightfully so: she's a nominee. That said, she's has recently revealed herself to be politically engaged (in one way or another). 

Though celebrities might have their evenings mapped out for them, the fashion-music-and-politics inclined people of America have the opportunity to multi-task. If you're on the East Coast, there's the potential for some early evening shopping before heading home to watch the VMAs, which are starting an hour earlier than usual to avoid cutting into the president. And for those of us watching at home, there's always that handy DVR capability helping us to do it all. 

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