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Welcome back to the Box Office Report where we will watch any sequel if you make it bigger and dumber and put it in 3D.

1. Resident Evil: Retribution (Sony): $21.1 million in 3,012 theaters

For those of us who live in cities too small and uncool to get the master on its first limited release, record breaking weekend, there was another Resident Evil movie for us to check out. Milla Jovovich found the time in her busy schedule to get all leathery and kill aliens for the fifth entry in the franchise. This movie looks impossibly stupid, but when the rest of the world is so depressing, there can be a need to zone out and watch a few zombies get killed into a million little pieces. No cynicism here, just an appreciation for shiny things exploding. Sometimes that's what we need, and that's what movies are for. 

2. Finding Nemo 3D (Disney/Pixar): $17.5 million in 2,904 theaters

Speaking of retreads, Disney rereleased one of their old movies in 3D. Call us when we get The Rescuers Down Under in 3D. They just released it on Blu-Ray for the first time. What ever happened to corporate synergy? 

3. The Possession (Lionsgate): $5.8 million in 2,860 theaters [Week 3]

The fun part about The Possession is we keep thinking it's a romantic comedy. Does The Possession not sound like some Kate Hudson movie to anyone else? Maybe the weather's getting to us. Bring on the cold of winter. We need to wake up. 

4. Lawless (The Weinstein Company): $4.2 million in 3,063 theaters [Week 3]

Did you hear that Christian Slater is joining that movie Shia LaBeouf is doing with Lars Von Trier where LaBeouf is going to get naked and have real sex on screen? He's playing a dad in childhood flashbacks, so no naked scenes for him (we hope). But that shouldn't stop fanfic writers from thinking up some good Even Stevens/Heathers crossover work. Get on that, Internet.

5. ParaNorman (Focus): $3 million in 2,326 theaters [Week 5]

ParaNorman is just a smarter Resident Evil, but for some reason it's supposed to be for kids. 

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