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The future of Saturday Night Live cast member and burgeoning movie actor Jason Sudeikis' employment on the show has been questionable all summer, but now, just four days before the season premiere, it's been announced that he will, in fact, be a cast member for at least part of this season. It's a good thing for the show, too, as they've not only got the Saturday shows to worry about, but also a pair of Thursday night election specials coming up before November 6th. Sudeikis is their Romney guy and it would be unfortunate to lose him now. Producer Lorne Michaels says that Sudeikis will be on the show "at least until January," which makes us think that they convinced him to stay through all the political stuff with the promise of an early dismissal after that. Which isn't to say that Sudeikis' Romney impression is all that remarkable — it's funny, but certainly not dead-on — but it's at least something consistent amid recent cast shakeups that included the departure of favorites Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg.

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