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During his epic rant about Fox News titled "Chaos "Bulls**t Mountain," Jon Stewart used the words bulls**t or s**t 14 times, which got us wondering, just what is Comedy Central's limit on profanity for the Daily Show? Since the standards for broadcast networks do not apply to cable channels like Comedy Central, the network can set their own rules — or lack of rules.

"Occasionally in special cases we allow language to go unbleeped for the premiere play and late night airings," Steve Albani, spokesman for the network, explained to The Atlantic Wire. "And we'll air a second bleeped version during the daytime airings that is more suitable for a broader audience." So, basically, there's no limit — just what Stewart and his writers can convince the standards & practices people to sign off on.

By the by, Stewart did not come close to setting the record at Comedy Central. His 14 shits (plus an asshole for good measure) looks downright pitiful compared to the 162 times the word was used in a 2001 episode of South Park, titled, appropriately "It Hits the Fan."

Here are some clips of the segment if you missed it.


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