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An '80s and '90s queen is getting back into the business, American Idol makes a big offer, and Nicolas Cage books a promising new movie. 

After some personal bobbles and an absence from the screen, big or small, queen bitch of the nighttime soap Heather Locklear is heading back to work. She'll be playing a version of Barbara Hershey's crazy mom character from Black Swan in the upcoming Scary Movie 5. So, OK, it's not great work, but it's work. Work is work, is what Chekhov would say. (No he wouldn't.) And hey, she'll at least be working with good people: Molly Shannon has signed on to play a version of the Winona Ryder's Black Swan character, meaning Molly Shannon will be playing an angry, washed-up dancer, which sounds terrific. If only she was doing that in a real movie, instead of, y'know, this. But back to Locklear, that is good news. She's always been likable, hasn't she? I don't think anyone has ever really disliked Heather Locklear. What is there to dislike, after all. Welcome back, Heather! May they find you some sort of bitchy advertising executive role to play on TV somewhere soon. [Deadline]

Speaking of high-powered boss ladies, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and another writer from that show have sold a script called Under the Gun (ugh) to NBC. The show is about a woman named Erin Kain (ughhh) who goes to work for the FBI after suffering a "terrible event." Her traumatic insight "helps her get inside the head of criminals who were normal one day and cracked the next." Oh grosssss. So it's Criminal Minds about one lady instead of Mandy Patinkin/Joe Mantegna and a collection of weird models. Also, "Under the Gun"? Really guys? Come on. It's enough. We've had enough of the titles. Just call the show FBI Woman. That would be better. Or The Girl With the Terrible Event That Helps Her Solve Crimes. Works for me. Under the Gun, on the other hand? Breaks my heart. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The great Jeffery Wright is the latest actor to be cast in Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie. He'll be playing Beetee, one of the older tributes who helps Katniss in the arena during her big bad battle with his knowledge of electric wiring. Blah blah, it's not a huge part but it's important, etc etc, sure enough. It's a paycheck, is what it is. And a bit of attention. It's an agent's role, basically. "Thanks Jeffery," said the fruit basket from Barry that arrived on Wright's doorstep when the deal was finished. [Entertainment Weekly]

Nicolas Cage will soon be teaming up with director David Gordon Green of all people to make a drama called Joe, about Joe Biden, of course. Yup, Nicolas Cage will be playing Joe Biden. Well, OK, no, that's not true. But wouldn't that be terrific? The movie is actually about a grizzled ex-con living in small-town Mississippi who befriends a 14-year-old boy and, they, I dunno, learn to love again and come to terms with things. While the Nicolas Cage casting is dubious, it is good to see David Gordon Green ditching all the stoner comedy stuff and going back to drama, because he is quite good at drama! You know, like George Washington and Snow Angels. Do more of that, David! Only... maybe without Nicolas Cage? Sorry Nic, but, y'know, you're... Well, you've gotten kind of weird. And you're not actually the best actor. Someone had to say it. [Deadline]

American Idol has made an offer to Enrique Iglesias, meaning he could become a judge, alongside Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and possibly Keith Urban. That could be your lineup, folks. And what a lineup it would be! You know, in a way it would kind of be a junky lineup. Not because any of those people are junky necessarily, just that Idol used to have at least a little cred because, in the older days anyway, the judges were actual industry behind-the-scenes people who weren't so much famous as they were knowledgeable. But now it's going to be all performers who are just there to be on TV and make money. Not that Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson weren't there for those reasons, but they at least weren't stunt casting. They weren't gimmicks. Now... Well, now it will all be gimmicks. Ah well. It's just going to be a different show, is all. That's all. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a scene from a Toronto Film Festival movie called Arthur Newman, starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt. It's not a terribly interesting or telling clip, it's not a trailer, but it is interesting to hear both Firth and Blunt talking in American accents. If both Brits are playing Americans, why didn't they just... y'know, cast American actors? Or set the movie in England? It's a bit of a mystery. But, anyway, it's fun to listen to. Who wins in the battle of the American accents? I say Blunt. 

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