Prince Harry Shows His Face

The British crown's third in line makes his first post-scandal public appearance, his sister-in-law parties with fancy people in New York, and Michael Phelps foolishly heads to Las Vegas. 

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The British crown's third in line makes his first post-scandal public appearance, his sister-in-law parties with fancy people in New York, and Michael Phelps foolishly heads to Las Vegas. 

Though he is currently embroiled in a terrible sexual scandal in which he was photographed nude as the day he drifted down from heaven on a sateen Burberry pillow, Prince Harry decided to make a public appearance at the WellChild Awards this weekend, a ceremony that gives awards to sick children. There is literally an award for Most Inspirational Child (Ages 3-6), which Harry presented. Yeah, so, he did that and it all went well, but beforehand! Beforehand when he was greeting honorees and their parents, he was forced to confront a young lad who had gone on a television show earlier and said that when he met the Prince, he planned to say "I'm glad you kept your clothes on." Harry heard this wee thing had said this, and so when he met him he said, "You keep looking up at your Mum. It looks like you're dying to say something but you're worried she'll tell you off. I heard you were on ITV earlier and you said something cheeky but let's not talk about that here." Which is adorable! Well handled, Henry. Good on you for stepping out amid all the chitter-chatter. Also, can you imagine Prince Harry saying "cheeky" to you? You would probably start gurgling and eventually collapse, having what's commonly known as a "ginger spell." [Us Weekly]

Speaking of royal-ish folks, Pippa Middleton, sister of Duchess Kate and Harry's likely soulmate, has traveled to the US, gallivanting around Manhattan and taking a seaplane to the Hamptons, where she was spotted in the company of chichi hotelier André Balazs. Yes, in fact her canoodling with Balazs was said to be "flirt central" by someone who talked to The New York Post. And by "someone" I mean Six from Blossom because who else on Earth says "flirt central"? Only a few very strange people and Six from Blossom say flirt central. But anyway, could Pippa, 28, be dating Balazs, 55? They were seen playing pingpong on Shelter Island, so.... So that says absolutely nothing. Pippa Middleton is in New York and hanging out with fancy people, one such person being André Balazs, who makes hotels. Maybe they're dating, maybe they're not. The point is, Harry, your girl's in New York. Go get her. And if she is already gotten by Balazs when you get here, well, we're not far away. [Page Six; People]

Apparently Facebook-maker Mark Zuckerberg had a stalker named Pradeep Manukonda who agreed to move back to his native India after Zuckerberg got a restraining order against him, but is now filing lawsuit against Zuckerberg, claiming that Zuckerberg is responsible for physical attacks against him, including one in which he was "stabbed from the back side." From the back side? Not entirely sure what that means, but it's a free country. Oh but is it? Because this lawsuit was filed in India, so who even knows if Zuckerberg can even be held accountable. It's a mystery. Also a mystery is who created a fake Facebook profile for Manukonda, on which he is described as a member of Al Qaeda. Manukonda claims it was Zuckerberg, but we're not so sure the found of Facebook has time to be doing things like that. It actually seems pretty clear that this guy is maybe completely coconuts and that to even talk about him on a website is giving him fuel to his coconuttery so let's maybe just stop right here. [TMZ]

Michael Phelps partied it up in Las Vegas this weekend, telling a crowd at a clurrrb that it was his first night of retirement and then doing a shot of Grey Goose vodka. Which, don't be a monster, Phelpsy. You came across so well during the Olympics this year, gracious and humble and wise beyond your years, but hootin' at Las Vegas nightclurbs and doing shots of Grey Goose is going to do a lot to undo that. You're a young man, you're free to do what you want, have fun, live a little, you're a slave to the swim gods no longer, and that's worth celebrating, but maybe go out to a nice dinner or some low-key bar that's not in Las Vegas? Maybe do that? Was it is with Las Vegas? Nothing good has ever happened there, and yet people keep flocking to it like it's Mecca. Everyone: Stop going to Las Vegas. Stop going to clubs in the Meatpacking District. Avoid Robertson and all those streets. Stop going to these places and bad things, or at the very least lame things, will stop happening to you. Listen up, Phelpsy. A wonderful life awaits you, but a few dumb nights in Las Vegas could derail it all. (Not really, but c'mon. Las Vegas is so uncool.) [Page Six]

In case you did not already know, Michael Strahan was officially announced as Kelly Ripa's new cohost on Live! today, marking the end of months of speculation about who would replace noted cracker salesman Regis Philbin. Some thought Seth Meyers, others hoped Pat Kiernan, but in the end the football jock won out. We think it's a fine choice, he's charming and easygoing on camera, plus the size difference between him and Kelly ought to, at the very least, provide for a few good physical comedy chuckles. And comedy chuckles are what Live! is, essentially, all about. [Us Weekly]

Lots of runners got super-duper mad at vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan this weekend when he said that he'd once run a marathon in under three hours, mostly because it's completely not true. Runner's World did some research and found that Ryan has only run one marathon, twenty-two years ago, and that he did it in about four hours. So, ya boofed, Ryan. In fact, ya boofed so bad that Sarah Palin, sadsack snow-mist queen of old Alaska, actually has the best marathon time for a Republican vice-presidential candidate, finishing one in 2005 in just under four hours. So she wins. For now, at least. Jack Kemp is somewhere in heaven running laps with Henry Cabot Lodge, and who knows how they're gonna finish. [Reliable Source]

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