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So Kelly Ripa officially introduced her new co-host Michael Strahan on Live! this morning which effectively ends the search that saw 59 candi...oh whatever. Pat Kiernan, lovable NY1 anchor didn't get the gig you guys! "So I’m a little sad today. I’m not crushed. I’ve got a job I love. But the Live! job had some shiny-new-car appeal and I’m sorry it’s Strahan driving instead of me," writes Kiernan on his blog today--a slight departure from the usual and thoughtful roundup of newspaper that he (and his team) produces each morning. Kiernan, thanks in part to his own very candid comments about Live! being "the kind of job every broadcaster dreams about", had become the New York City favorite to take over Regis Philbin's old post which opened up in November, and got attention and affection from New York media (The Atlantic Wire included) along the way. It does sound like he's putting on a brave face today ("not crushed", "no injustice", etc.), but we can't help but feel for Kiernan, who memorized the number of times Strahan appeared on the show (16 times). His explanation, sums up the sort-of job heartbreak we've all been through:

Luckily, I already have one of those. I have a great gig at NY1. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start in on a few “what if” scenarios after my first day with Kelly in March went well.  When the producers of Live! called back two months later for a second act, I became convinced that it was a job I could do if given the chance ... And Kelly is so good at what she does. Maybe that’s why it took so long to find a replacement for Regis—Kelly made everyone who co-hosted with her look like they belong.

Surely there's some rule that in the event that Strahan can't fulfill his duties as Live! co-host, Kiernan will be appointed to ... no? Well, Strahan has to take vacation sometimes right?

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