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New York City Pizza divides offices, households, families and your choice of pie can even indicate that you might be a terrible person. That in mind, Bill and Hillary Clinton, showed another example of their good taste by venturing out all the way to Bushwick, Brooklyn for a slice of Roberta's.  According to Gothamist, politics' can-do-no-wrong couple shut the pizza place down over the weekend to the chagrin of hipsters, pizza enthusiasts, and New York Times former dining editor Sam Sifton. Apparently the two wanted to celebrate a birthday of a "top Democratic donor" reports the New York Daily News which also adds that guests at this pizza soiree included Joel Coen and Gloria Steinem (just in case if you had any doubts if the Clintons had a better weekend with you). The choice isn't going to go over well with purists and devotees to the City's other pizza institutions like Di Fara, Grimaldi'sLucali, and John's--but, hey, at least the Clintons know better than chowing down with Sarah Palin at La Famiglia

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