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Newt's undying love of the small and cuddly is well documented, so it wasn't a surprise when he weighed in on the NFL's replacement ref's gaffe from last night with a drawing of an adorable elephant in a Green Bay helmet.

"Ellis the Elephant is in solidarity with the @packers after last night's ruling," Newt tweeted this evening along with a picture of an adorable illustrated elephant wearing a Green Bay Packers helmet in an endzone at Lambeau Field. The NFL ruled Tuesday afternoon that the questionable call at the end of last night's Monday Night Football game would stand. Ellis, for the uninitiated among us, is the main character in Callista Gingrich's woo!-America children's book, Sweet Land of Liberty. We're quietly enjoying how, for this picture to exist, Newt had to call the illustrator, Susan Arciero, this afternoon and ask her to do a quick drawing of Ellis in a Packers helmet. Once that was finished, Newt either got Arciero or one of his staffers to put the illustration onto a picture of Lambeau Field. Never change, Newt. 

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