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Oh yes. ITV released the full trailer for series 3 of Downton Abbey late Wednesday night, and now we're left with only one question. Is it September 16* yet? While you're busy being marveled by GIFs, the rest of us are watching this and desperately trying to guess what's going to happen this season. This trailer has everything: appropriate relationships; inappropriate relationships; happy head nodding; solemn head nodding; opulence; grimy alley ways; tearful reunions; tearful goodbyes; dancing; spying (and cross-dressing?!); people making eye contact; people avoiding eye contact; people getting choked; and people running in the rain. It's literally all here, you guys! It is going to be the best season of The Aristocrats Downton, ever. Watch the trailer here: 

*It should be noted that the shows doesn't debut in the U.S. until sometime in January 2013, but it airs on ITV in the next two weeks. So it will be out there, somewhere, and there will be recaps. I'm sure of it. 

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