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In a trailer for his new movie, Matt Damon sure does love fracking. Elsewhere in showbiz news: A Knight's Tale is getting another shot, Modern Family welcomes Ferris Bueller, and someone quits Dancing with the Stars.

Here's a first trailer for Gus van Sant's upcoming small-town drama Promised Land, which features Matt Damon and John Krasinski acting out a script they wrote. Damon plays a fracking guy who wants to frack a small town so hard, Frances McDormand is a fellow fracker, but the town doesn't want to get fracked, and John Krasinski and Hal Holbrook especially don't want to get fracked. Come on, Matt. Don't frack Hal Holbrook. He's 87 years old. He can't take a big frack. Well, it looks like, of course, Damon doesn't end up fracking anyone but in fact starts to love the town a lot and maybe even vows to never frack again. Never again??? No fracking, ever? That's pretty extreme. He seems like a guy who needs to frack at least, like, once a week. Oh well. This movie looks kinda cheesy, but we're hoping that it could at least maybe mean a Supporting Actor Oscar for Hal Holbrook? That would be nice. He's so good, and was so touching in Into the Wild, but he didn't win that year. Which is a fracking shame.

Remember when everyone laughed at the prospect of Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica remake because the original show was so cheesy that a serious modern version of it would have to be dumb too? And then remember when it turned out that the series was great, like really really good? Well keep that in mind when I tell you that Ron Moore is now developing a TV drama version of A Knight's Tale, that silly classic rock-scored medieval jousting movie starring Heath Ledger. Yup. ABC has bought a pitch for the show, which would still feature modern music and chronicle the rise of a young knight. While that sounds ridiculous and bad, especially considering it's cornball ABC, we can't count it out. And hey, original love interest Shannyn Sossamon probably isn't too busy to reprise the role, so that's one casting decision already done! [Deadline]

Sunday night Emmy winner Modern Family (yeah, we're calling it early) is bringing on Matthew Broderick for a guest starring role. He'll play a friend of Phil's who is described as "neurotic." So that ought to elicit some mild chuckles. It's sort of a mild chuckle kind of a show in general, isn't it? It's a shame to say that, but something about its constant award winning and its aggressively perky, genial cutesiness has started to annoy. The show can honestly be laugh-out-loud funny, but everything surrounding it is so irksome. You know? Plus: Manny. Oh god can't they ship that kid off to boarding school because he is the worst. Anyway, welcome Matthew Broderick. [The Hollywood Reporter]

ABC has found the corpse of failed CBS pilot Super Fun Night in a ditch somewhere and decided to drag it back to its creepy laboratory and reanimate it. While it will look somewhat the same — star Rebel Wilson is still attached — like many a reanimated zombie/demon thing, it will also come back a little wrong. Meaning they're recasting, so funnylady Jenny Slate will no longer be on board. Which is a shame. But it's still good news for Rebel Wilson, who is a charmer. [Deadline]

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is sometimes ludicrously described as Dancing with the Stars' "resident bad boy," is leaving the show. Yeah, this "controversial" Dancing with the Stars professional has decided that after 15 seasons he is done, saying "It makes total sense. The audience can’t expect for me to want to stick around, and the producers can’t expect for me to want to stick around." OK, sure, whatever. Honestly, just walk away one day. That's all you need to do to quit Dancing with the Stars. Just walk out of the studio without a word into the afternoon sunshine and that's that. No need to make some big public stink about it, because nobody cares. Not a single person. What are we even talking about? Who knows. Look at those clouds. It's beautiful. Look at those things. [The Hollywood Reporter]

A crew member on the big The Lone Ranger movie died today while setting up an underwater shot. It's not clear if he died because of something that happened on the set of if it was some other cause. Whatever the case, that's sad. Maybe they just shouldn't make this movie. Clearly some sort of force doesn't want them to. [Deadline]

Here's a trailer for The Details, a dark comedy about cheating, murder, and racoons, from near as I can tell. Tobey Maguire continues his comeback tour with this one, and Laura Linney does more bizarre sex comedy. Elizabeth Banks, Dennis Haysbert, and Ray Liotta are also in this thing, which looks kind of interesting? Just to see how bad things get? It was well-received at Sundance, so that might say something.

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